ANTS! What they are and How to Get Rid of Them

This time of year many in Boulder Creek are dealing with pesky little ants. Ever wondered where they come from and how to beat em? Doug Conrad from Boulder Creek Hardware has written a really informative article all about ants. The article is below. If you ever have any questions on building, terminating, cutting, painting etc… head over and ask Doug or Ann Marie at Boulder Creek Hardware.



Doug’s How To:

Whether they are in your pants or at your picnic, ants are amazing little creatures; well maybe not in your pants. Like bees, ants are social creatures with a social structure of workers and queens. I’ve always been amazed at these little guys and in researching for this article I came across even more interesting facts about ants than anyone in Boulder Creek would care to know. But I have to bore you with a few of them. It is estimated that there are over 22,000 species of ants and only 12,500 have been classified. Sometimes their colonies can number in the millions and they exist on almost every land mass on earth. That’s a lot of ants. They can range in size from a super tiny .03 of an inch to just over 2 inches long. Most are black or red but there are some that have a metallic luster. The life span of ants increases according to the hierarchy. Since the fertile males are at the lowest rung, they live only for a few weeks. Worker ants are a little higher up, so they live for 2 – 3 years. Queen ants live the longest, with a lifespan of almost 25 – 30 years!

Customers often come in thinking they have termites when actually they have ants. Yes, some ants have wings. These are usually the male drones but the queen will have wings for the early part of her life. You can tell the difference between an ant and a termite by the wings. A termite’s wings are both the same size, ants are different sizes. Termites have straight antennae and ants are bent. It’s hard to tell but the ant’s waist is slender and the termites are not as much. That’s the basic difference between these two, but do you know what you get if you cross ants with tics? All sorts of antics!

Around here we basically have two types of ants that most of us consider pests. Continue reading

Comment Period ending for Economic Vitality Strategy

2014-08 Economic Vitality Strategy

The comment period for the Santa Cruz County Economic Vitality Strategy was lengthened thanks to our own Business Association, but it is ending on August 15. So if you want to comment you need to do so now.

This strategy is currently in draft form and will be revised and then finalized by our board of supervisors. The current draft over looks many issues in the San Lorenzo Valley, and on the whole doesn’t seem to have many plans at all for the economic needs of our valley.

Current Draft – Santa Cruz County Economic Vitality Strategy (110 pages)
The text of this document is not searchable, making it difficult to find information with out reading the entire document. Page 3 of the document does mention San Lorenzo Valley and the valley is mentioned throughout the report but in very general terms. Also individual towns in our valley are not really mentioned.

Background Report – Santa Cruz County Economic Vitality Strategy (86 pages)
If you notice on page 3 under “Local Economic Development Initiatives” San Lorenzo Valley is not even mentioned. Our valley is mentioned on pages 13, 63, 65, and 74.
Ben Lomond is mentioned on pages 14 and 52.
Boulder Creek is mentioned on pages 14, 52, 53, 65, and 66.
Brookdale is mentioned on pages 52 and 53.
Felton is mentioned on pages 14, 52, and 53.

Public Comment – You can leave public comment at the link below or email your comments direct to

Petition done by our Business Association gathered 146 signatures and brings up many issues with this report. They include sewer systems needed for downtown areas, high-speed internet, road maintenance, parking, tourism / hospitality, public safety, and branding issues. See link to their petition for details about their concerns.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bulletin wrote an article in last months paper about this petition along with Bruce McPherson’s responses to it. There might still be some copies of the paper in town.

So if you have an opinion about this email it to by August 15 and make your voice heard.

TOMORROW Flea Market, Concert, & Farmers Market


2nd Saturdays in the Park Flea Market & Concert

When:     August 9th from 8:30am – 2:30pm, music is from 12noon – 2pm
Where:     Junction Park                MAP

Boulder Creek Park & Rec is putting on another one of their great 2nd Saturday in the Park Flea Market & Concerts this Saturday. As always space rental is $15, to sign up for a space call (831) 338-4144 or email

Check out the flea market, find new treasures, and stay for live music. It should be a real blast. Remember there are only a few left this year, so check it out before they are gone.


This is the fourth one this year, after this only two more, schedule for 2014 is
September 13th
October 11th

Farmers Market

When:     Every Saturday from 12noon – 4pm
Where:     in the Oddfellows parking lot, corner of Forest & Pine Street              MAP

After the Flea Market & Concert make a whole day of it and come by the Farmers Market and get some wonderful fresh produce for the week. There will be produce as always this week, including berries and some of the sweetest grapes you have ever had, farm fresh coffee, honey, bread, knife sharpening, and much more.


TOMORROW National Night Out

Logo-National-Day-OutWhat:        National Night Out

When:      August 5th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Where:     Forest Street and Highway 9 in downtown Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Park & Rec is hosting National Night Out this year. There will be free BBQ, a Jump House for the kids, and demonstrations by the Sheriff’s Department and our wonderful local Firefighters. So come out and join us for a really fun family night out.

Volunteers please call (831) 338-4144

2013-08-06 National Day Out2 2013-08-06 National Day Out3 2013-08-06 National Day Out9


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