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  1. I think you misunderstood. The chickens are put to sleep with a controlled atmosphere and then they are slaughtered. This prevents the “fear factor” from releasing endorphins into the meat prior to slaughter. You’ll find Smart Chickens to be juicier and more tender as a result of this. Smart Chickens are also cooled via air and not hosed down with cold water; hosing down meat to cool it just water logs it and you end up paying for water weight.

    Here is a better explanation from the company:
    “We promise that Smart Chicken® is the purest fresh chicken available today. We will forever continue to raise the standards against which all others are measured.

    Smart Chicken® was the first poultry produced in the United States utilizing the pure air chill technology in place of water immersion. We then pioneered the utilization of Controlled Atmosphere Stunning in the U.S., ensuring that all birds are handled with care in every aspect of production. In addition, all of our birds are raised without the use of antibiotics, animal by-products or hormones. We are also Certified Organic & Certified Humane to provide you with the most premium product, produced with the highest standards, from egg to shelf.”


    • Hi Craig – thanks for your comment.

      We were poking fun at the idea of smart chicken. Honestly, I do prefer my chickens to be dumb – smart chickens always do things such as escape, talk back, and act unruly.

      Can you please have the local New Leaf STOP with the “Did You Remember Your Bags” sign? We’re all for conserving, reducing, reusing etc, etc.. But this is just a bit trite It makes me want to ask them:

      “did you remember your manners?” and “did you remember who the customer is?”

      It’s been over a year that message has been there…we “get it”.




  2. No worries. I understand the poking fun, just wanted the employee comment cleared up as it takes a while to train our people on new items.

    As for the bags sign, yes most people understand to bring their bags and they’re good about remembering. You would however be surprised how many leave them in their car, shop, get up to the front and go, “Oh, left my bags in my car… Oh well, I’ll just take paper for now.” Many of them have thanked us for having that reminder sign so they remember to get them out of the car.


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