Yellow Flyers . . the Rec Center

who you gonna call

A number of readers have written in asking who was behind a yellow flyer that was posted all over town this week. The flyer was put on car windshields, tucked in mailboxes.. . . etc. It asked that anyone against the proposed Recreation Hall sign a petition online.

We looked in to it:

1. the link on the flyer states that the petition was created by a person named “Vikki”
2. the third signature to the petition is signed by Vikki Krupp and other members of the Krupp family were in the first 10 to sign

We believe that this petition came from Vikki Krupp. A note Vikki wrote regarding her experiencing paranormal activity can be read at the bottom of this article. It appears she may be a “ghostbuster.”

We think the Rec Hall would be good for Boulder Creek. Any opinions? email us.

2 responses

  1. Lovely job connecting one’s concern for establishing a city rec hall in a residential area with paranormal activity claims – talk about effectively debasing someone! 105 people have signed the petition online so far: – and I don’t think they’re all her family members.

    I am most curious (and still haven’t been to the meetings yet) about why the two lots across 9 aren’t top candidates for a new rec hall; one is in the process of demolition and the other is primed for construction! In my opinion, the old houses made of redwood should stay put (there … the cat is out of the bag!).

    Anyone else follow this blog and have a comment? Especially those of you who made the meetings?



    • Please also do not forget that trying to pick one person out when it was a group effort putting up the flyers. Also I find it amazing that implying Vikki is a crazy person when she was adding comment to make article have interest as this Shelly is the same one whom you praise in the article regarding her efforts with animals. Shelly is a great person and does a good thing but I don’t hear implications that she crazy.


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