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  1. Nothing on this website as to what is being done to the town. This was a surprise to anyone who was not at the meeting. This website does not have enough updated info. What is going on with the old Mama Goyas?


      • I would love to help but I look to this websight for information myself. I was hoping to encourage city officials or the Town hall meeting folks to inform us of changes to our town without going to the town meeting. All the changes are great and well deserved but Mama Goyas old building is a MYSTERY. First it was for sale for a long time, then it said sold and now no sign at all. I am sure alot of folks are curious. Come on folks…if you know let us all in on it. Thanks!!!


  2. My girl friend and I drove by the other day and she said the very same thing Bravo to them! Now we need to work on the lot behind Johnnies.


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