Boulder Creek Residents – Mr. Twister

Did you know that none other than Mr. Twister lives in Boulder Creek?

Mr. Twister was once notorious with the meter maids in downtown Santa Cruz for being a good Samaritan… you, see Mr. Twister puts coins in to strangers’ parking meters – so they won’t get a ticket. This activity, which was once somehow illegal, was made legal due to Mr. Twister’s good work.

With a pocket full of jangling quarters, Mr. Twister was taking the bus to town.

Here is a link to an article the Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote on Mr. Twister…. HERE

A quote from the article:

“When I see a parking meter and I see that it’s red, I look to see if there’s either a placard or a ticket already on it. Those people I really can’t do much for. So I save my quarter and when I see somebody who’s just going to be a couple minutes late, I put the quarter in there. And as you can see from the gentleman back there at the counter, some of these people really appreciate that.”



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