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  1. I am Isaiah Hartmans’s Great Granddaughter…I live in Augusta,GA. It is really neat to see pictures of our ancestors. From the little I know of him he contributed a lot to Boulder Creek!


    • Hi Fern & Kendra,

      I’m the great great grandson of Menno Kaufman, the youngest brother of Isaiah’s mother, Barbara Kaufman.

      I have an interest in genealogy, and was wondering if there was anyone in your family that might be interested in exchanging information. I haven’t come across anyone researching John & Barbara’s descendants before!

      I look forward to hearing from you,

      Ian Russell
      Ottawa, Canada


  2. Hi Ian,
    My name is Karen Farley Cates. I am Fern Taylor’s sister. I live in Oregon. Kendra is my second cousin.I was just visiting Boulder Creek today to see if I remembered where my grandmother, Doris Hartman Farley’s house was located. We visited as young kids before she passed away. We also visited the San Lorenzo Valley Museum today. I would be interested in the geneaology you have and anything I can contribute.


    • To the current owners of the Hartman home: would you be willing to send me a recent photo of the house? I am the great granddaughter of Isaiah Hartman. His daughter, Doris, was my grandmother. I’m not sure if this is the house we visited when she was alive. Thank you in advance!


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