Reader Letter: Tweeker problem = Crime problem

Below is a note from a Boulder Creek Insider reader……

Hi Folks,

Just a quick word and warning about a growing problem we are facing in Boulder Creek. Unfortunately we are facing a burglary wave that is surprisingly bigger than most people are aware of. My girlfriend and I were victims as of Sun the 9th.

For those of you who have had this happen I don’t have to explain the feeling of personal violation of home and possessions. For those of you who have not experienced this, I hope you never do.

In the process of trying to get information regarding other Burglaries in the area to see if maybe they were related I took a look at the Santa Cruz Sheriffs crime map. (See below). I was quite surprised at how many of these crimes are located in our area. I put in a search with a time frame of one year from 9/15/11 to 9/18/12. I also selected only burglaries and narcotic arrests. Shocker!! There seems to be a pattern.

I suggest that everyone who is interested go to the Sheriffs web site and run a crime map and find out what has happened around your home. People around town and neighbors seemed to have no idea to the extent and location of these crimes. The pattern of Narcotics arrests in relation to the pattern of burglaries are very obvious. As long as we have a tweeker problem, we will have a crime problem.

So what to do? Speaking to a couple of deputies I got the impression that they can’t keep up with the crime rate in our area. Not really their fault. Did you know that there are only two deputies for the whole San Lorenzo valley? Looks like we will have to do our best to protect ourselves as much as we can.

Communication is really the key. We will be starting neighborhood watch groups, having meetings to piece together information, staying in touch with the Sheriffs dept. to make sure investigations are aggressively pursued, make each other aware some of the electronic solutions that are available these days, maybe even have a beer and have a good time turning something very negative into an opportunity to take care of each other.

We will be posting our progress and meeting time/places as we organize some dates. If you have any questions or information or I can help you in any way please feel free to send me an e-mail.


Note from Boulder Creek Insider editors: This poster asked to remain anonymous.

To access the crime mapping tool used by this reader please click HERE

4 responses

  1. About a month ago our house on West Park Ave., Boulder Creek, was burgulerized. Unfortunately, one of my guys left the back door unlocked. What they took was minimal, but what was creepy was they did it while we were asleep. Called the sheriff, got a report number.


  2. You could help yourself in this area, first by requiring property owners to keep up appearances and put pressure on those who don’t. This is a Quality of life issue. If those who live their don’t care about what image the town portrays, they are likely not to care about any other crimes they commit. The “tweekers” are a symptom of the larger problem. The area is infested with low life white trash. Sorry, for the cold reality folks. Unless people show they care, then they do not care. Simple, start with properties like the one on hwy9 and flat rd.


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