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  1. My concern is that I have noticed Eric Hammer signs continuously being removed or thrown into the middle of the street. This is vadalism as well.


  2. Who cares if he was a republican? He is a good man and the right one for the job. Why would you even post this? Are you just trying to make him look bad? Won’t work!


  3. Anonymous Cowards. That is who does these things. Someone took a content free poster and raised a question. Why do politicians change parties? Why did this one? Were those nearly 20 years a lie? I personally don’t care what color suit a politician wears. They are puppets and everyone who gives them money or votes for them thinks they hold a string. YMMV


  4. Why do people change parties? I’ll tell you why I became a decline to state democrat several years ago. I had been a member of the Democratic Women’s Club of Santa Cruz County for some time, and, began to see a huge increase in negativity, hate filled rants and heard dirty tricks in the planning stages. I could not, in good conscience, continue to be a part of the Democratic Women’s Club of Santa Cruz County, or align myself with the local democrats in any way.

    Does that make my voting record of over 30 years a lie? Hardly. Reveling in hate is what is destroying our democratic process and discourages people from participating. Both major parties are guilty of promoting polarizing agendas which DO NOT SERVE the people. I want to vote for people who have the intelligence and ability to work with ALL groups, not march lock step with a party agenda.

    Bruce McPherson has what it takes to help get the entire county back on our feet. We don’t need another politician beholden to any party, the Supervisor position is non-partisan for a reason. Kowtowing to any party is pandering to special interests, an independent voice speaks for us all. Vote for Bruce.


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