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  1. Virgil, I will always think of you when i am here in BC and in the islands. All these years you brought traditional Aloha to the special people in Boulder Creek.You have traveled past the reefs to a New World of making people smile. You have even brought Willie k to Joes Bar!! I miss you dearly my friend, Aloha,Emile.


  2. Virgil…I will miss seeing your happy face when I come home…always a charmer…and such a dear fella…you may be gone now…but I’ll treasure the memories…Lei


  3. When I would be upset trying to find the right home during the dead of winter in Boulder Creek, I would come to Joe’s and Virgil would say “don’t worry sweetie, the perfect place is waiting for you”! Virgil left you feeling better, and that is a special gift! Miss you Virgil, but you are always in my heart my friend!!!
    Suzanne & Glen Timbers


  4. I am blessed to have known you n felt your hugs and laughed at your jokes for so many years! You always really listened to me and gave me good advice when i was down. I know that wherever you are now, you are laughing with joy and teaching others “the motion of the ocean” and how to have fun “all night long”!! Love you! Opa! oxo, Star


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