Prowler Alert: Irwin Way

A Boulder Creek Resident sent in these pictures taken of someone who was snooping or “prowling” around their house yesterday morning. The last picture is of what they believe to be the person’s car – a blue SUV. If you have any info on this, please email us or comment below.








16 responses

  1. He looks like the guy who was checking car doors at the Country Club last night around 7:00pm looking for an open car. Someone noticed and said something and he ran off.


  2. Or could be one of the Smith kids? Brandon (currently in jail), Alex, or Jared Smith (used to live on bear creek rd). Caught robbing Ben Lomond homes (coon heights, hihn road, fall creek etc).


  3. blue highlander was dumped up by the golf course last nite. rumor has it the sheriff believes this car is the one seen in the photos. apparently the guy stole another car.


  4. That Toyota Highlander (Blue) was left at my house during the night. It was abandoned. The police towed it this morning. Another car a few houses away was stolen within the same time frame.


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