Update: Dimitri Storm

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office has stated that Dimitri may be using the stolen vehicles below:

– 2013 Audi QS Quarto, Black – #6ZAM472 (stolen from Boulder Creek in the last day) with a black and white “Junior Lifeguards” sticker on the rear bumper

– 2011 Kia Sol, Green – #6SPZ235 (stolen from Felton in the last day)

17 responses

  1. Is there any way you can post a better picture of this guy.Hair and type of hair is important and description of body type would help.Thank-you


    • ash-blond-ish to gray hair, shoulder length and slightly wavy; was tied back yesterday. skinny arms and legs, rather large potbelly hidden by baggy polo shirt. was seen on bear creek yesterday, going thru random gates on private roads!


  2. I believe that he was in my driveway early Thursday morning @ 3:34am – I live in Huckleberry Woods, off of Bear Creek.

    My dog woke me up barking like crazy. When I yelled out my dog’s name, I heard quick footsteps outside my window (and next to my car), a car door slammed and the running car sped off. I couldn’t see the vehicle though. I contacted the sheriff’s office just in case.


  3. This guy was causing a lot of trouble in Bolinas March 16th and 17th–finally got tossed out of Smiley’s and they think he was hiding out in a vacation home (got burgled.) He’ll get a warm welcome if he comes back. They’ve got wanted posters up.


  4. He’s long gone or he is in the park with the rest of the town thieves planning their daily rip offs and doing drugs afterwards.


  5. apparently he has the black audi. it was stolen from the country club area around the time the blue highlander was dumped.

    lock your cars, your house and don’t leave keys and personal info around where someone can find them


  6. What’s frustrating is that this guy burglarized our house in Soquel on April 2nd, 30 min before hitting the house that is often mentioned in reports since the owners came home upon him in the middle of the act. He brandished a (toy) gun and pepper spray, both of which we believe he stole from our home in the previous burglary. He used the pepper spray on our whippet and stole an incredible amount of our valuables! Sheriffs seem to be tight-lipped on the extent of this rampage.


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