Boulder Creek Radio Station KBCZ 90.1 Inches One Step Closer to Becoming Reality


July 31, 2013-Boulder Creek, CA.– The Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks District voted unanimously to move forward in negotiations with the non-profit organization Common Frequency, who currently owns the FCC license for the radio station KBCZ 90.1 FM for an amount not to exceed $12,000.  

Because of strong interest from the local community, the board felt that supporting the radio station’s inception, did fall under their vision statement of “helping to enrich and fulfill the lives of the citizens through the provision of facilities and programs.”

Local community members brought their ideas, and their passions, to Tuesday night’s meeting.  The community’s goals and focus will be to bring the valley together through education, information, community events, and the arts and to be financially sustainable through donations and local business sponsorships.  The station could also help to promote the local economy and in the future be streaming live on the internet.  Interim Director of the project, Tim Welch said,  “The members of the Boulder Creek community who came to the board meeting and sent their emails of support have made it very clear that they would love to have a community radio station to further unite this great community.  We are so thankful that the board is supporting this effort and we look forward to making this project a reality.”

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  1. Now, I don’t suppose that’s where all the interference on 90.3 lately has come from? They’d better straighten that out quickly or they’ll have some other FCC issues to deal with.


  2. HI CS and Jeff! Any interference you might have experienced in July of 2013 would not of been KBCZ, we weren’t transmitting then. We have just started broadcasting this week. 8-30-15
    Tina, Radio Coordinator KBCZ


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