Boulder Creek Community Radio Raising Funds

Boulder Creek Community Radio Raising Funds

The Boulder Creek Community Radio Station is assembling all the equipment needed to set up the broadcast booth in the storefront window of the Boulder Creek music store. If you would like to pledge a few dollars to this exciting local project, please visit their fundraising site at   All funds will go directly to obtaining the radio equipment and building supplies. Local people also, have been coming forward to donate electronic equipment, so those donations will gratefully be accepted as well.

90.1 FM, KBCZ Boulder Creek, is on it’s way.

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    • It is difficult to say until the engineering assessment is finished and we have chosen an antenna. The goal is to broadcast down in to Felton, out Bear Creek Rd. and up 236 but, it’s hard to say how far given all the variables. We also plan to stream online so you can listen on your computer and mobile devices.


    • We will need an antenna, transmitter, audio cables/connectors, microphones/boom arms, a reliable computer, CD players, record players, FM tuner, audio processor, studio monitors, head phones, emergency broadcast system, distribution amplifier, studio-to-transmitter link, etc. Some we can get used or donated but, some stuff needs to be newer and reliable to keep us on the air. We also have ongoing expenses like internet subscription, internet streaming cost, a telephone line, rent, license/royalty fees, etc.


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