Boulder Creek Rec Secures Fitness Funds for Garrahan

The Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District has been selected to receive  $15,600 from The Land and Fund (LWCF) to assist in funding the Garrahan Park Outdoor Fitness Project. This award is an eloquent statement about the District’s commitment to community involvement and creativity toward promoting physical fitness.
A copy of the grant plan and fitness equipment is available online at under Parks-Garrahan Park page. The District is very excited for this project and the opportunity to improve our park and community fitness options. BCRPD looks to start this project Spring 2014.  (LWCF) is a Federal program that was established by Act of Congress in 1964 to provide funds and matching grants to federal, state and local governments for the acquisition of land and water, and easements on land and water, for the benefit of all Americans. The main emphases of the fund are outdoor recreation and the protection of national natural treasures in the forms of parks and protected forest and wildlife areas.

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