Boulder Creek Community Radio is Looking for Local Music


KBCZ is looking for more local music to be cataloged and played in rotation on its station.  If you have good quality recordings, KBCZ is asking for local music that are pressed onto CDs (no mp3s unless they are very high quality like 320kbps).  KBCZ is also interested in other types of pre-recorded programming like radio plays, comedies and educational programs.   KBCZ is also seeking volunteers who have interests in other areas of radio like operations, fundraising, marketing and outreach. Contribute an hour a week or an hour a day!  The station plans to start pre-programming the automated software with local content for broadcast on the internet starting now and then plans to add live DJ’s, talk shows and an RSS live feed. Please visit or contact Director Tim Welch at or call 831 359 1000



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