KBCZ Open Radio Wordshop Saturday Morning 10:00am

Rain or shine! We can’t promise donuts, but we would love to record you doing a Station ID for us! Tune up your voices and practice, “Hi my name is —– and you’re listening to KBCZ 90.1FM in Boulder Creek!”   Come to the Rec Center and find out how you can get involved with Boulder Creek’s FM radio station KBCZ!  The station is now broadcasting at 90.1 FM and is actively seeking interested parties in the following volunteer areas: DJ’s, Advisory Board Members, Audio-Technical, Computer/Technical, Fund Raising, Grant Writing, El Nino/Disaster Task Force, Voice-Over Announcers, Interview Producers, Segment Producers, 4th of July Parade On-Air Hosts(2)   KBCZ’s Station Manager, Tina Davey will briefly outline these volunteer positions, take questions and supply sign -up forms. Saturday March 12th at 10:00am at the Boulder Creek Recreation Center.Jack

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