MORE INFO: Deputies Involved in Shooting of Armed Suspect


Below is more info from Lieutenant Kelly Kent:

On July 9th, 2015 at 1033 pm, Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to family dispute in the  15000 block of Fern Road, in Boulder Creek CA. The grandparents of a 17 year old young man  had called 911 after their grandson had destroyed furniture and broke windows with a club inside  the home. He had also beaten his 70 year old grandfather with the club across the back and  chest.


When Sheriff’s deputies initially arrived, they were met by the grandparents at the end of the  driveway. The grandparents warned the deputies that the 17 year old was out of control and had  just killed a family pet and he had access to several guns. Deputies staged the fire department and ambulance service nearby. They set up a perimeter and started a Sheriff’s Office negotiator  in an attempt to begin a dialogue with the 17 year old.

Deputies could see and hear the approximate 6-00, 220 pound 17 year old through the windows  of the home still breaking things inside with the club. The 17 year old stepped outside briefly  holding the club and then retreated back inside the home. Through the windows, deputies saw  the 17 year old pick up a rifle and shotgun. Deputies lost sight of him for several seconds and  when he re-emerged from the house; the 17 year old was holding just the rifle pointed up. At  11:16 pm the 17 year old lowered the rifle and pointed it directly at a deputy and was fatally shot  by two deputies. He was struck three times in the torso and once in the hand. First aid was  immediately rendered by the deputies until an ambulance arrived on scene at 11:21 pm and took  over life saving efforts. The 17 year old was conscious and talking at the scene until transported  via ambulance to Scotts Valley where he was flown out to a Regional Trauma Center.

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