Doug’s Hardware How-To: 2-Stroke Maintenance and Safety

The modern two stroke engine can be made into a worthless hunk of aluminum and plastic really easily without proper maintenance and care. This is a waste of your money. Let’s cover some very basic maintenance tips that will keep your equipment in top shape and out of the small engine repair shop.

It’s not your Dad’s fuel anymore! Fuels are a key component in this maintenance. The fuel that we are able to get here in the valley, and over the hill, will be a blend of many of products usually including an ethanol additive. This ethanol additive can reek havoc in our two stroke engines. Debris forms in fuel quickly due to ethanol gumming up rapidly, and then in turn acting as a solvent, releasing that gummy debris, leading to clogged fuel delivery systems. Ethanol fuels break down quickly, this can cause hard starting, and poor performance. One of the biggest issues we have here in the moist redwoods is with the new ethanol fuel blends . . . . .

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