NEWS: Austin Combs Caught at Boulder Creek Home

Austin Combs has been caught, and the crimes he is accused of committing are beyond horrendous. He was caught at a home in Boulder Creek… who would allow such a person in our community?

From the article:

“Combs is accused of kidnapping, terrorizing and raping a woman and attacking her with a wrench, according to court documents. He is accused of dismembering a man’s face by slashing him and shooting him at a Ben Lomond home on July 20, according to Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.

Combs was arrested about 10 a.m. Thursday at a home in Boulder Creek, according to the Sheriff’s Office.”

Read the entire article from the Sentinel by clicking HERE.



Stolen Car: Red 2014 Ford Escape

A Red 2014 Ford Escape has been stolen in Boulder Creek!  It was stolen after the owner’s purse was taken. Please be on the lookout for it. The license plate is 7JHE589, but it is probable the plates have been changed or removed.

If seen, please call 911.

Please pass the word – let’s catch the trash who did this.




Sentinel: Dimitri Storm could be back in Santa Cruz County

The Santa Cruz Sentinel is reporting that Dimitri Storm who was photographed prowling around Boulder Creek, could be back in the area. there has been a rash of burglaries in the Zayante are and they are similar to those Dimitri has done in the past.


Read the full article HERE.




BREAKING: Prowler around Boulder Creek = Dimitri Storm

Well it turns out the prowler we reported on yesterday is indeed Dimitri Storm, a career criminal who is wanted in connection with a series of break-ins and robberies around this area. We’ve just received an update from Santa Cruz Sheriffs and it appears that last night Dimitri dumped the stolen blue SUV he was driving on the 200 block of West Hilton at the Boulder Creek Country Club.

If you see Dimitri call 911 – do not attempt to approach, this man is dangerous.

Also, if your licenses plates have been stolen, please call the Santa Cruz County sheriffs. Dimitri is known to steal license plates and then put them on the cars he steals.


Boulder Creek Trash

Boulder Creek is a great town with a lot of potential – mostly good people, good families doing their best to enjoy this amazing, beautiful place. But, as we all know and see everyday, there is another side to this town. . . .

There’s been a bit much of bad news, bad people, bad things and while we’d like to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, we think it’s important to let it be known. In light of this decision, we’re beginning a new theme titled “Trash.” This is for all the meth heads, all the animal abusers, infant abusers, neo nazi wimpy white boys etc…. . .

Our first installment:

Erik Johnston – who was “angry” and tossed his 9-month old baby 20 feet in to the roadway!  Click HERE to read more from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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