Taqueria Los Amigos – Best Food Value in Boulder Creek

Taqueria Los Amigos offers great, fresh mexican faire for a really good price. Fast, courteous service and a huge meal for well under $10. The pickled carrots and salsas are also a nice free extra. Everything is pretty good here – if you want to “splurge” ($9.85) the Camarones Alajilo (Shrimp with Garlic sauce) is a real treat and big enough for two to share.

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  1. Los Amigos – Best Food Also! I’m a carrier taquerian from S.F. and wow, their carnitas are the best – so is the service – nice people.


  2. The owners are also very generous to the Boulder Creek Elementary School Parent’s Club–periodically, on certain designated days, they donate a percentage of their evenings proceeds to support the activities at Boulder Creek Elementary.

    Great food and big hearts! Thank you!


    • Is the name of the owner Jorge Angulo? I meet this guy 18 Years ago and a friend told me that he open a taqueria. but he did not know the name of the town, only the name of the taqueria los amigos. I will like to see a picture, i remenber him dearly.


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