In Honor – Ben Laney

Ben Laney was born in a small town in New Mexico in 1950. When he was young his family moved to California where he learned to play the guitar and later the harmonica. Ben has six children: Jennifer, Benjamin, Jamin, Angel, Dylan and Zimmerman, who sing and play various instruments. His children live in California in and around Boulder Creek.

Ben wrote many songs, and played on the streets of Santa Cruz. He opened shows for Larry Gatlin and Jeanie Fricke just to name a couple, and also made it to the top 10 on the Wrangler Star search. Ben recorded two CD’s, one which will be released, on Oct. 17. Ben made his home in Boulder Creek, a place that he loved and even wrote a song about titled “Here In These Hills.” He died at an early age of 59, and is deeply missed.

We will never forget the joy Ben and his songs brought to us all.



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  1. Benjamin Paul Laney II, This blue eyed blonde musician was a great man. He was born in Artesia, New Mexico, November 8th, 1950. By the time he was about three years old, he moved to the small town in the name of Hobbs, New Mexico. This man had a glowing personality; every time you would see him he had a smile on his face. Like, nothing could get in his way. As a child he loved horses and liked to play with rattlesnakes, he would love to swim at the Pecos River in Carlsbad, New Mexico! Everyone he met, they just about fell in love with him, and not even realizing it. While he was inspiring almost about everyone he met, he was inspired too, but not by a person however, he was inspired by a beautiful instrument, this was the Violin. It inspired his music career and he took his music by storm. By the time he was in high school, he started playing the Violin at Hobbs High when he was only 13 years old. He was a stunning man. Not afraid of anything – even the world. But, his journey was far from being over! Just about by the time he was 15 years old, he moved to Redwood City, California, this is where he became interested in Guitars. He was in love with them, now just a year later after he fell in love with this beautiful instrument, he got his first Guitar, bought by his mother, Georgia McCormick. He was a great singer and songwriter. He played the Harmonica, Piano, and Violin etc. At a point he even gave his own guitar and piano lessons! He opened up for, Larry Gatlin, personal friends with Lacy J. Dalton, Aprylle Gilbert and many other Musicians. When he got a bit older he still had a love for music, later then he had 6 beautiful children, Jennifer, Ben, Jamin, Angel, Dylan, and Zimmerman Laney. By the time he had his children he was living in Madera California. When he passed away he lived in his house in Boulder Creek, California. Being the man he was had many people upset because of his passing. He was a great man to depend on. He would always help you out no matter what. He was giving, loving, and caring. He had so many great times in his life. Which is why he had such a wonderful time, and we are all glad he enjoyed his life. Ben Laney has released his 2nd CD after his passing Thanks to the help of singer/songwriter Aprylle Gilbert and Jim Lewin. Upcoming event in Felton, California, of Ben Laney’s 2nd CD release on October 17th at Don Quixote’S.
    ~Written By Jesalynn M. Nash


  2. Our condolences to the friends and family of Ben Laney. He was a really neat guy and a really good songwriter.
    Ben was one of the first people we met back in the 90’s after moving to BC. We jammed a bit and he was very supportive of our music. Throughout the years, we would chat and catch up, he helped moved my piano a couple times with Howard’s Piano. Ah, such a gem. He wrote a ‘Bachelors Song’ that was great. Godspeed Ben Laney, you will be missed.


  3. Ben had this remarkable passion in writing, Poetry was something that came out naturally,it went hand in hand with his music as his music was based around his poetry. Because Poetry is Music.
    he could place a person in his mind and write for that person from his heart, He was very gifted in all he attempted. His poetry was all lyrical..Ben was a very kind kindred spirit.

    In June of 2003 He Shared that he had just barely Joined an Awesome Poetry site called .
    He encouraged me to join- he was always very uplifting and encouraging . After all this was Ben I was talkin’ about, if anyone knew where to start , he surely did..He always had us in stitches. There was never a dull moment when Ben was around he was the spark of any given day. Ben had this Magnetic Personality that would draw people to him. He had such an infectious Laughter that would light your world.I could go on and on- on Whom Ben Laney was and will continue to be right down in History- Its fairly evident of the Positive impact he had upon all of us. The Legacy he leaves behind in his music shall forever live on in all hearts. Ben was another Angel whom Entertained us through his Presence, His Laughter,His kind heart, His Music, Poetry and amazing stories, He so loved his Family and always wanted the Best for them, He had so much Love in his Heart..
    Ben never gave up Hope .He prayed fervently in Hope that some day to be successful to make his Family proud, trust me His family was very proud and continues to be ever so Proud, in their individual hearts he was Remarkably Successful..He appreciated the Beauty in Nature- He appreciated Life period! He will surely be missed by many even by those whom he never meet…Many tears flow over his unexpected Death .
    To Ben the word Stranger was not part of his Vocabulary, He Pretty much considered everyone his Friend…And Ben was a True Friend!! If you did not have the opportunity to meet Ben, Get Acquainted with one of his Family Members, Listen to his Music. Ben’s Spirit lives on!!


  4. Sorry to hear about the passing of Ben. He was very kind. My brother did the photograph for one of his albums or cd’s and I communicated awhile back with Dylan. My prayers go out to the family. I will miss that piano hat.


  5. I smiled when I saw Ben looking relaxed on Utube, and was quite saddened to read of his passing.
    He was a member of a bar band I had twenty years ago for six months and we did three or his songs, one being “Badlands”. I hung out with him at an old farmhouse in Pistol River, Oregon and saw him write numerous songs, one being rather comical, something about being a professional catfish hunter.
    We played lodges, bars and some outdoor gigs, one standing out in my memory when we did the county fair and his music reached everyone from bikers to straights. He had the rare ability to communicate with anyone, regardless of status and was a kind man.


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