Artist Spotlight – The Juncos

In preparation for the Boulder Creek Bluegrass and Old Time Festival, we will be featuring interviews with the performing bands. The Festival will be held March 9 and 10 at Scopazzi’s.

1. How do you describe your music or . . . what style of music do you play?
American Roots Music -old-time/bluegrass/jug-band/folk/country/honky-tonk/etc

2. Who is in the band?
Joshua Lowe – lead vocals/banjo/guitar
Jeff Kissell – double bass/vocals
Alex Jones – mandolin/banjo/guitar/washboard/vocals
Blair McLaughlin- fiddle/vocals

3. When are you playing at the Boulder Creek Bluegrass Festival?
Saturday at 4pm

4. Who are you influences?
Hank Williams to The Pogues

5. Is there a website people can visit to hear your music?

6. Name one of your crowd-favorite tunes:
Yesterday’s Rain (written by Joshua Lowe)

7. Anything else you’d like to say to the fine people of Boulder Creek?
See you Soon!

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