Reader Letter: “tweekers” are a symptom of larger problem

Below is a letter from a Boulder Creek Insider reader regarding the prevalence of meth in Boulder Creek:

You could help yourself in this area, first by requiring property owners to keep up appearances and put pressure on those who don’t. This is a Quality of life issue. If those who live their don’t care about what image the town portrays, they are likely not to care about any other crimes they commit. The “tweekers” are a symptom of the larger problem. The area is infested with low life white trash. Sorry, for the cold reality folks. Unless people show they care, then they do not care. Simple, start with properties like the one on hwy9 and flat rd.

This was in response to THIS reader letter stating that  the “Tweeker problem = Crime problem.”

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2 responses

  1. Pristine properties will not address the meth problem. That is an out-of-date attitude that underscores another problem. We really need to understand the cause instead of treating the symptoms.


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