Boulder Creek Author: Travis Fisk

Travis Fisk has published his first book titled Wisdom Quest. Travis says if you like Harry Potter, you’ll love this book. Travis sent an excerpt you can read below. To purchase Vision Quest from click HERE.


Wisdom Quest Travis Fisk


The potion she made to do this to the bird had an unusual but admired side effect, it tied the bird’s sight and what it heard to the witch’s cauldron. 

Once the witch noticed that anywhere the bird traveled she could see and hear everything that went on in her cauldron at home, well, she put her broom in a closet. Of course it didn’t take long for the other witches to find out what she did, so they paid her handsomely for the potion and made one for themselves.

Lets move eastward, here we enter the flowing fields of flowers, the fairy region. In this region the flowers never stop moving like the wind is always blowing, this way and that. Even though the wind is not blowing, the flowers move as if it were. Now in this area, Filomena is the queen of the fairies; she and any successor are appointed this position because they posses magic abilities, not just pixy dust. For instance, she will recite a magic spell and – POOF – she is engulfed in a cloud of smoke that grows and grows to where she becomes the size of a human. This is how fairies communicate with the real world so they can share their thoughts, ideas, or decisions on important matters.

The queen has a trusted assistant, in this case her name is Hayley. She is a very, very beautiful fairy with long golden brown hair that sparkles like the sun light in a dew filled meadow. Unless the queen wishes to speak, it is Hayley’s job to assign the other one thousand fairy’s their tasks for the day. These tasks range anywhere from sopping up dew catches in plants that would rot and kill them, to making little button mushrooms grow here, there and everywhere. Fairy’s are not limited to their region, oh no, they can go anywhere in the world they want to, except they won’t wander to far north where it’s cold. If a fairy gets too cold it will perish, so they like to stay in moderate to hot areas of the world. Someone once asked is there such a thing as male fairies? Of course there is, what would life be like without a relationship and then marriage to the opposite gender.

In case you didn’t notice there are exactly one thousand two fairy’s, that’s including the queen and her assistant. The population always has been, and always will be one thousand two, this is the maximum number allowed by nature, one must die before another can come into existence. Fairy’s mate for life and when one of them perishes, the other will die exactly three days later. The first day is for mourning the loss of their life long love. The second day is to say goodbye to the other fairy’s and pay their respects to the queen and her assistant. The third day the queen and the other fairy’s perform the perishing ritual, the mate of the deceased walks down an isle of fairy’s, like when they were married. At the end of this isle is the queen and her assistant, there the mate receives their last rights before they lay down next to where their mate perished. The mate assumes a position of rest, then all the fairies sing a very sad – sad song in their native tongue. After a minute or two the mate slowly fades, like turning invisible only never returning. This song is so beautiful to hear, but so sad in its nature, when I heard it for the first time, I cried for three days afterwards.


To purchase Vision Quest from click HERE.

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