Sugar By The Pound and the Coffis Brothers – Tonight at Kuuwumba Jazz Center

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. Boulder Creek’s Sugar By The Pound will be playing with The Coffis Brothers at Kuuwumba Jazz Center.

The concert is being held to raise awareness of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries’ Soundswell Local Music Collection. The SoundSwell project is one of kind in California, allowing library patrons to download and stream free local music with their library cards. This project not only introduces Santa Cruz residents to their new favorite song, it also fairly compensates bands for their music and talent, and serves as a historical local music archive.

Tickets are still available. To purchase a ticket please visit:

Sunday June 14th • Doors at 6:30 show at 7pm
Kuuwumba Jazz Center
320-2 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sugar by the Pound

Spotlight – Up the Creek

Logo-UpTheCreek - small

Up the Creek opened their doors in November of last year. They feature local-themed clothing, jewelry, birdhouses, postcards, and beading supplies.

The designs on the clothing are Heather and Marcus Bray’s own concept, they show the beauty and local pride of Boulder Creek. Their line of clothing is meant for locals and tourists alike. It is displayed along both walls of the store and is printed in Boulder Creek keeping with the Bray’s theme of being local. They currently have three designs with more coming soon. Their first design shows our beautiful skyline. The second design shows our creek forest life. The newest design is on their yoga pants, it’s two paddles and the words Boulder Creek California. (see logo above and images below) They also carry Pleasure Point clothing as well, one of their designs is of a female logger and her dog.

The jewelry in the store is made by Heather Bray and is sprinkled throughout the store. She works with glass blown art beads and pendants which are strung on wire or leather cord. There is also faceted stone rings and pendants, as well as Swarovski crystal jewelry. The jewelry is made right there in the store while their 6-month-old dog Bruce keeps her company.

If you want to make your own jewelry the two display cabinets in the middle of the store have jewelry supplies. The supplies include findings, Swarovski crystals, natural stones beads, as well as Pandora style glass beads, and other fun stuff.

To help bring the feeling of the outdoors into their store they also sell birdhouses by Gary Herbert. These birdhouses are all handmade and extremely beautiful, they come in a variety of sizes. The one below is actually a bird feeder and would look beautiful in any yard.

There are also postcards towards the back of the store. These postcards are of photographs taken throughout the Santa Cruz mountains by Heather and Marcus. Next time you need a small gift and want to show some of our local beauty these are perfect.

It is all about being local with a clothing line that the town can call their own, which is also printed in Boulder Creek. Jewelry made by Heather and postcards of Heather and Marcus photography, who have been Boulder Creek residents for 4 years and now proud business owners. The handmade birdhouses by long time Boulder Creek resident Gary Herbert, and jewelry supplies for the local crafter making it a fun and completely Boulder Creek shopping destination. So drop by and check it out, pick up some apparel to show your local pride, or just say high to Bruce who is trying his best to be a good puppy behind the counter. They are open Wednesday – Saturday from 10am till 6pm and Sundays from 11am till 5pm.

For more info or to see it yourself visit them at:
13124 Central Avenue (aka Highway 9), Boulder Creek, CA 95006
or call: (831) 419-6708

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Sgt. Penguins Features The Bad Apple Artist Collective’s THE PENGUIN SHOW


Sergeant Penguin’s Lively Arts is having a reception this Saturday from 12noon – 5pm in celebration of “The Penguin Show”. Art from the Penguin artists is being shown by “The Bad Apple Artist Collective” from November 30 – December 29.  “The Bad Apple Artist Collective” is an online group of traditional artists from all over the world. Each month a different set of artists are featured. Find out more about them and the artwork being represented by the Penguins at the reception.

Also check out the new stuff in the gallery and their new window display for Christmas. It should be a fun filled afternoon, with lots of art and conversation. They are located between the BC Computer Repair and the San Lorenzo Valley Museum at 12599 Highway 9.

Event hours Saturday 12/7/2013 from 12noon – 5pm.
Regular hours are Thursday – Sunday from 12noon – 5pm.
Read more about them on their Facebook page.

Spotlight – Sgt. Penguin’s


How did Sgt. Penguin’s come to be, you ask? Well, it is a very interesting string of events. Laurie Hennig was walking by the day the tenant of 12599 Highway 9 was moving out. They made an offer to the landlord that day, snatching up what is a wonderful location before it was ever put on the market.

So that explains how they got the location, but where did the name come from? Well they already had a large group of artists together (most of them family) and Lynn Markley was the leader of the group. One day as she was driving she heard Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on the radio and it just came to her, Sgt. Penguin’s Lively Arts Designs. Lynn has been collecting penguins forever and the whole idea just started rolling like a large snow ball down a hill. They wanted a gallery name that would capture the whimsical feeling of their art and they found the perfect one.

They wanted, and have created, a gallery that is funky, whimsical, and so Boulder Creek. This art gallery is not stuffy at all, it is fun and fresh. There are ceramics throughout that look like animals but are actually functional pieces of art by the Hennig’s. Watercolor paintings by Arline Anderson sit behind the front door. Acrylic paintings by Stephanie Allison are in every room that give us a glimpse into her dreams. Tile work is in the back room by Sam Markley who does custom orders. Stain glass work by Christine Moorhead is in the windows and a few lampshades in the store. The free flowing sculptures made out of found natural materials are made by Donna Stewman. Sprinkled throughout the store and complementing the art are collectibles and vintage items found by Lynn Markley also known as the Sgt. Penguin. The combination of art and vintage items gives the gallery a very lived-in and inviting feel. There are two chairs in the front for you to sit and lounge while you enjoy the art.

So what is in the future for the Sgt. Penguin’s? Lots, they chose this location because of it’s ample parking. Their vision is for this gallery to become a destination spot, kind of like Mountain Feed in Ben Lomond. They want to have a sculpture garden outside by summer time, possibly live music a few times a month, and maybe wine tasting in the future.

Dan & Laurie Hennig – One of the oldest ceramic studios in Santa Cruz, 40 years young in Boulder Creek.
Iver & Jennifer Hennig – Iver is the head of the Santa Cruz High ceramics department. He and his wife Jennifer have been creating together and living in Boulder Creek since 1995.
Arlene Anderson – Lived from 1920 – 2009, she was a Salinas girl who painted what she knew. The gallery is selling framed and unframed prints of her water colors.
Stephanie Allison – Is based in Clovis, California and is currently teaching ceramics and painting to middle and high school students. In her free time she paints.
Sam Markley – Is based in Salinas, California and takes custom orders for tile work.
Christine Charter Moorhead – Combines stain glass with natural items to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Lives and works in Boulder Creek.
Donna Stewman – Is based in Ben Lomond, has been a house designer for years, and is now enjoying a new found love of making art out of found natural items.

For more info or to see it yourself visit them at:
12599 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

or call: (831) 703-4632

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Preview of what their sculpture garden will look like in the future. Grand opening 11/9/2013.

Grand Opening

Ceramic sculpture by Dan & Laurie Hennig.

Grand Opening

Ceramic bowl by Dan & Laurie Hennig.

Grand Opening

Ceramic sculpture by Iver Hennig.
2013-11-09 Sgt Penguins08

Back room of the gallery.
2013-11-09 Sgt Penguins09

Tile work by Sam Markley, ceramic sculptures by Dan & Laurie Hennig.
2013-11-09 Sgt Penguins10

Acrylic painting by Stephanie Allison.
2013-11-09 Sgt Penguins11

Stain glass by Christine Charter Moorhead.
2013-11-09 Sgt Penguins12

Some of the vintage items you will find in the gallery, found and displayed by Lynn Markley.
2013-11-09 Sgt Penguins13

Branch sculpture by Donna Stewman, and water color prints by Arlene Anderson.

Sgt. Penguin’s GRAND OPENING


Boulder Creek has a new art gallery. It is located between the BC Computer Repair and the San Lorenzo Valley Museum at 12599 Highway 9. Their grand opening is this Saturday from 12 noon – 5pm. Come meet the whole penguin gang, enjoy food, music, art, and see what this wonderful gallery is all about.

Their regular hours are Thursday – Sunday from 12 noon – 5pm. They specialize in one of a kind art, ceramics, paintings, and other wonderful items. Read more about the on their Facebook page.

Boulder Creek talent: Headtrip Villains

Check out Boulder Creek’s rising talent  –   Headtrip Villains

All of their music is made with live instruments. The band is influenced by several genres including jazz, metal, as well as bands like The Devil Makes Three.

Headtrip Villains’ full length album, Animal Instincts is now available on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Check them out at the link below.


headtrip villians

Boulder Creek Author: Travis Fisk

Travis Fisk has published his first book titled Wisdom Quest. Travis says if you like Harry Potter, you’ll love this book. Travis sent an excerpt you can read below. To purchase Vision Quest from click HERE.


Wisdom Quest Travis Fisk


The potion she made to do this to the bird had an unusual but admired side effect, it tied the bird’s sight and what it heard to the witch’s cauldron. 

Continue reading

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