In The News: Barbara Day Park and crime

Joe Shreve at the Press Banner has posted an article regarding the issues at Boulder Creek’s Barbara Day Park. From the article:

“Several described Barbara Day Park — the dam park at Middleton and Fairview avenues — as a place where people are regularly drunk or high, party at all hours of the night and trespass onto private property. They said dogs are often allowed off their leashes, trash accumulates and broken glass and discarded hypodermic needles are common hazards.”

Click HERE to read the full article. The comments at the end of the article are interesting as well . . .


Barbara Day Park






One response

  1. What’s the bid deal with everybody always trashing dopefiends.some of my best friends are major dopefiends.who else is gonna take care of my old lady when I’m in jail and they really know how to talk with door to door anybody they’ll talk to them until they re ears bleed and they always have the best UFO stories.I think its good to have a place where the drug addicts can go because then they’re not in the public view so much.the park is a place where the can relax with minimal supervision they aren’t a major problem only when they dont have a place to go that they start commiting crimes.I say let us dope fiends be ourselves.we are americans and have just as much rights as any one we look else!


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