NOTES from the Rec and Parks Board of Directors Meeting – September 4, 2013

Boulder Creek Recs and Parks

The following members were present:

Tess Fitzgerald
George Galt
Diana Hamilton
Kim Main

Brian Valdivia was absent from the meeting

The meeting lasted an hour and half. There was the agenda with 23 pages of documentation covering such things as expenses and revenue for August, as well as news and notices the board had received in August. These included items such as: the California Special Districts Association requesting a feedback form, LAFCO including a sphere of influence study dated 7/1/2013 and an agenda from their 8/7/2013 meeting.


Junction park is going to have new signs to replace the ones that were stolen / vandalized. They are also looking at doing some improvements to the stairs to the beach.

Garrahan Park is going to have a pesticide treatment sometime in November a notice will be posted. The board was hoping they would not have to do this, and are planning to only do it once a year. There is currently a large problem with clover on the field which is attracting bees. I visited this park during a birthday party recently and the bees are a problem one child got stung while I was there. The board is hoping by doing it in November when it is less used and before the rainy season will limit the pesticides exposure to the environment and the general public.

Barbara Day Park is going to be having new signage as well stating no fishing with educational information about the river being a protected fishery, the populations and status of steelhead and coho as well as contact info for CDFW and or NOAA law enforcement. Continue reading

Creative changes to Barbara Day Park / Dam Park

Grace Gurreri has been working on a special project at Barbara Day Park. Her vision is a gently raised labyrinth constructed of plaster. The plaster itself of recycled components and mixed on site.

Working with Boulder Recreation and Park District on planning and implementing park upgrades, she is well on the way to creating a meditative walking path.

planwork1  work2

The two photos from June 13 below show the project nearly completed

IMG_4292  IMG_4293

In The News: Barbara Day Park and crime

Joe Shreve at the Press Banner has posted an article regarding the issues at Boulder Creek’s Barbara Day Park. From the article:

“Several described Barbara Day Park — the dam park at Middleton and Fairview avenues — as a place where people are regularly drunk or high, party at all hours of the night and trespass onto private property. They said dogs are often allowed off their leashes, trash accumulates and broken glass and discarded hypodermic needles are common hazards.”

Click HERE to read the full article. The comments at the end of the article are interesting as well . . .


Barbara Day Park






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