Boulder Creek Community Radio Station Begins To Take Shape

Boulder Creek Community Radio Station Begins To Take Shape

May 15, 2013, Boulder Creek, CA- San Lorenzo Valley community members began to discuss plans to obtain an FCC license that became available for a community radio station at 90.1 FM. Community members have had several meetings and are excited to purchase a transmitter, determine a transmission site, obtain a broadcast studio and begin broadcasting. Ongoing funds would be sought by obtaining local underwriters and pledge drives.  The radio signal would transmit to a large part of the San Lorenzo Valley. Members feel this would be a valuable service for local schools to publicize their fundraising events, for public safety information, road closure and weather information as well as to publicize local events put on by the Boulder Creek Recreation Center and other community non-profits.




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  1. Dont know if you found a spot t put the station but try the Rainbows end the back room would be perfr\ect it coould be a win win nice spot also would bring people in and some free advertising plus coffee


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