NOTES from the Rec and Parks Board of Directors Meeting – August 7, 2013

Boulder Creek Recs and Parks

The following members were present:

George Galt
Diana Hamilton
Kim Main
Brian Valdivia

Tess Fitzgerald was absent from the meeting

The meeting lasted 47 minutes. There was the agenda with 33 pages of documentation covering such things as expenses and revenue for July, as well as news and notices the board had received in June and July. These included tems such as the Communicator, Notice of Public Hearing for the Cell Tower, New Mountain Echo, and Capri News. It also included upcoming meetings:

California State Parks, Habitat Conservation Fund (HCF) Technical Assistance Meeting
Wednesday 8/14, 9:00am – 11:00am, in Sacramento

California State Parks, Recreational Trails Program Advisory Board Meeting
Tuesday 8/27, 10:00am – 12:00noon, in Sacramento

The final part was the fiscal budget for 2013 / 2014. The budget is usually around $200,000 a year, this year it is $251,295 which was approved by unanimous consent. They are hoping this increased portion of the budget will be covered by new forms of revenue.

The radio memorandum was signed earlier this week and on Sunday at midnight should start broadcasting at 90.1 KBEC. This will fulfill FCC requirements to keep the channel going. The Rec & Park board hopes to have the radio station up and broadcasting sometime in December or January.

The following items are still pending:

1) Strategic Planning by subcommittee meeting 8/27
2) Master Plan meeting in October, date still not set
3) Dog Park, this is currently being discussed and planned by members of the community. They are hoping to meet sometime in August. It is not yet in the Rec & Park Boards hands yet, still very much a citizens movement and in the early planning stages.

Possible changes for 4th of July next year:

For food next year the Rec & Park department may go with a vender instead of doing it all themselves like they did this year. This would put less stress on employees and allow them to focus on other things that need their attention.

Final note:

Castle Rock Park is beautiful this time of year, they are having their next Historical Talk Sunday 10/27/2013

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