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    • Like what? “Loud Motorcycles Suck Only When They Are Running”? Sorry Becca, Most people feel that they really do suck. First of all, loud motorcycles are illegal. Really. I’m not making that up. Read the Motor Vehicle Code. And since when does spending a few bucks grant one an exemption from the rules that govern common decency? Could people that litter along Highway 9 say the same thing? I bought groceries in Boulder Creek, I should be able to litter. “Those “please don’t litter ” signs offend me”. Everyone that spends money in BC spends money in BC. Why does this one small, loud, and clueless special-interest group feel that they and they alone can shatter the peace as a part of their silly lifestyle. I too ride a bike. But I don’t have any deep-seated self-image issue that requires me to steamroller over everyone everywhere anytime.



    • Well Becca, I think the illegally equipped, obnoxiously loud motorcycles are rude and if you had a policing entity worth its weight, these loud thugs would be either run out of town or incarcerated. Money does not usurp the right of the citizenry to be protected from assault…yes, loud, intrusive, noise is assault and should be prosecuted as such. The exhaust mechanisms on the loud bikes clearly violates state and federal law. Now that’s rude, Becca!


  1. not to mention it is singling out the Harley’s from the Rice Bikes. Who was the really bright person who agreed on this……You might have some retaliation from Harley folks not liking the sign. They spend money in this area.


    • It’s actually pretty fair. I don’t have a problem with visitors to our town, but I do have a problem with them announcing their presence from a mile away. They need to grow up and show some respect.


    • Right Becca: Not all loud motorcycles are Harley-Davidsons. And not all Harley-Davidsons are loud. But even a extremely dense person can easily observe the fact that MOST of the loud motorcycles shattering the peace in the San Lorenzo Valley are Harleys. Just like everywhere else. What used to be a fairly rare occurence is now something that happens hundreds of times a day. Now that every pathetic middle-aged man in America needs a loud Harley to prove to everyone that they really aren’t pathetic middle-aged men, there is no more peace and quiet. Not in our communities, not in a our wild and scenic areas. No where. Anywhere within 2 miles of pavement is now bombarded by the roar of this silly special-interest group. Sorry Becca, no sign in the world could be rude enough to this rudest group of people.


  2. Concidering that our commnity has a high percent of persons who ride motocycles this is a thoughtless hate crime towards the biking community.


    • Hate Crime? Wow. That’s really a stretch. You should look up both “crime” and “hate crime”. No more a “crime” than putting up a yard sale sign. And certainly no more of a “hate crime” than a bumper sticker that says “Ford Sucks”. I think that loud motorcycles may not be people and may not be eligible under existing hate crime laws. I might be wrong on that one, but I doubt it. That comment may be the most clueless thing I’ve ever seen posted. Notice the adjective “loud”. It doesn’t say “motorcycles suck”. C’mon A.F. think before you write.


    • Oh, the political correctness…how about the “hate crime” committed by the thugs who ride a motorcycle will illegal aftermarket exhaust mechanisms assaulting innocent citizenry with the illegal and dangerous noise? Loud Motorcycles Suck! It’s simply a fact…


    • The noise of an illegally loud motorcycle outside the sanctuary of my Church during worship…now that’s a hate crime. The sign is nothing more than truth and a 1st Amendment right. You might not know this, but the loud biker has so ruined the reputation of all bikers that yes, a majority of the citizenry does HATE motorcycles and harbors tremendous disgust for those who operate them when equipped with illegally loud aftermarket exhaust mechanisms. It’s time we stopped treating the biker community as a privileged, entitled, above-the-law organization instead of what they are, that is, bullies with absolutely no respect for others. The loud biker should be incarcerated, the bike should be impounded until said bike conforms to the standards set by Federal law…80 db(A) at a specified RPM…just the way they were originally manufactured.


  3. I think it’s funny. And I think most riders that have a sense of humor will laugh it off. I want one to put right on my fence that backs up to Big Basin/236. When you’re trying to get your 2 year old to take a nap and those machines go by and wake him up, you’d also find the sign useful.


  4. Fair use as satire/commentary — no infringement. It’d be pretty hard to send the town a cease and desist letter, since it isn’t even incorporated, and I’m pretty sure the sign wasn’t placed there by any official agency. Looks to me like a joke. Made me laugh, but then again I always rode a very quiet motorcycle.

    I’m another person who lives on 236, and I can’t sleep in on the weekend when the weather is good because of the loud packs of motorcycles. Some of those folks need to learn to do a tune-up.

    Btw, I wrote for a consumer magazine, including motorcycle reviews. Loudness and an impressive sound has long been a marketing point for Harleys, specifically, and anyone who gets one knows that it will probably annoy some people. Harleys are cool, but they can also be a nuisance depending on how they are tuned, just like any vehicle. Come on, be realistic, laugh a little, and don’t assume Harley riders don’t have a sense of humor themselves.


    • “And, of course, the sound. No other motorcycle has the same heart pounding, pavement-thumping sound as the venerable Harley® V-Twin. It’s a sound that’s spanned generations, and it’s as distinct as the people who ride.”
      -from the Harley-Davidson website at http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/Getting_Started/why_ride.jsp?locale=en_GB

      Explanation here about why Harleys have a unique sound http://www.howstuffworks.com/question325.htm


      • Harley does have a unique sound…had a squad leader that made the same sound after a breakfast of ham and eggs after a night of Everclear/151 . You see, those obnoxiously loud HD products were NOT manufactured to be LOUD. They left the factory with EPA approved exhaust mechanisms that did not exceed 80 db(A) as mandated by Federal law. It is the insecure, arrogant, attention clamoring customer of said inferior piece of junk that purchases an illegal aftermarket exhaust mechanism, one NOT approved by the EPA, and rides the loud motorcycle hoping someone will admire him and respect his bravado…sad but true.

        I policed these miscreants for years and found the loud biker to conform to a rather consistent behavioral/personality pattern. Most loud bikers are insecure, middle aged, desperately needing camaraderie and affirmation from others.

        No, Harley does not have a unique sound, it’s just another mobile disturbance rolling down the road, one that should be impounded by the police…but wait, the police are too apathetic, cowardly, participatory, to intercede on behalf of the citizenry assaulted by these morons on a daily basis. Vehicular noise that is in direct violation of the law but yet the thuggery continues.

        Please, simply ride the piece of loud junk off a cliff…now that’s a thump-thump I would pay good money to watch and enjoy.


    • If an individual lacks the commonsense or discernment to know that his LOUD motorcycle behavior is illegal, offensive, intrusive, …not sure I want him or his phallic extension in my business or my city. Thug is as thug does…whether he’s riding or not.


  5. Remember this: If you ride or drive loud, it is irrelevant how many letters precede or follow your name in academia, no matter what your socioeconomic level, no matter which political party or ideology you align with…if you drive or ride loud you’re simply a petty thug, selfish, arrogant bully. Love the sign, have several ready to be placed in town.

    Rickey Holtsclaw


  6. The last time I visited Henry Cowell State Park which is not far from Boulder Creek, the very loud noise of the Harleys thundered throughout the redwoods. Sickening to ruin such a beautiful park with this noise. I live in Napa Valley, and it’s the same here- the loud bikes with illegal exhaust systems pretty much rule the roads. Police and CHP do not deal with it as they think bikers are big spenders and don’t want to make them feel unwelcome. The noise from the bikes travels for over a mile and is particularly obnoxious in towns or on the hillsides near the public roads. I am left thinking that the authorities are corrupt when they ignore such a blatant breaking of the law.


  7. That “pavement thumping” “sound” (noise actually) is quite effectively muted by the factory installed EPA compliant mufflers that every manufacture (including HD) of motorcycles made since 1983 are required by federal law to equip their motorcycles with. The reason why so many Harleys are emitting obviously excessive levels of exhaust noise is due to the unlawful use of non-EPA compliant mufflers (Many times no muffler at all. Just straight pipes.) by the owners of Harleys and other brands of highway motorcycles. That is where the focus of motorcycle noise control policy should be. There is no legitimate excuse for violating the law and pounding the public with excessive motorcycle noise. The law needs to be enforced.


  8. Loud motorcyclists think they’re being cool, but they’re really just punishing people who can’t afford to live away from the road. I spent 17 years living right on highway 9, and when I would try to listen to Chopin or Mozart in my own home it would be interrupted every 10 minutes by the gigantic farting noise of all the Easy-Rider clones. So if you are what you sound like, then Harley riders are ….

    I’ve been ticketed in the past for a noisy muffler. Why not these guys? Are they above justice? When the volume level threatens to cause hearing loss, it’s a public health hazard, aside from being a rude annoyance. And what are they doing in the woods in the first place? Why does some idiot have to destroy the tranquil stillness of the forest? Why can’t people learn to appreciate nature as it is?

    Fine, go make your silly noise where people want to hear it. Don’t cram it down our throats.


    • Loud Motorcycles Suck – Facebook Community Page agrees wholeheartedly with you. Come by for a visit and stay awhile…the page is dedicated to exposing Loud Biker Thuggery…a national plague and a blot on the American landscape. Get involved and let’s put the loud pipes where they belong.

      Rick Holtsclaw, Loud Motorcycles Suck – Facebook


  9. People are so easily butt-hurt now a days. There are a lot bigger things to be pissed about, sure I didn’t like mortars and artillery shelling the ground at 3am and the occasional machine gun popping off, but I didn’t whine about it to my superiors. Sure I may have made a few comments to other privates, or and other lower enlisted buddies. What I realized was a noise was a noise, at least that boom, or thud, or pop pop pop, or bang, wasn’t in my immediate area and actually threatening my well being and life. It was a noise, it didn’t kill me. And no I don’t own a Harley, I have a DR650, which for those that know about motorcycles it’s a thumper, which means it’s a large single cylinder, and makes a very low thumping sound when accelerating. It’s not loud but it creates a reverb, and a sort of concussion, and there is no way around this as it’s a large single cylinder. Many times the exhaust has actually saved my life, such as a few days ago when I saw a driver (!!!!! texting and driving !!!!!!) pull out from a side street and nearly run into me. Had it not been for my exhaust and my quick rev on the throttle, the driver who was breaking the law texting, would have never seen me, but I was heard and I’m here typing this and thankful for my exhaust. So for those who act like a motorcycle is such a pain that it is ruining their lives, maybe you need to examine your own life. If that is your biggest complaint and problem with life and you dedicate so much time to it, then PLEASE, let me trade places with you! But for those who are just mildly annoyed by the overly loud Harley with absolutely no muffler, so am I, but hey what can I do? If I only hear it for less than a minute, and it doesn’t kill me, then I brush it off. But then again, I think some people have experienced much larger issues than just a loud noise from time to time…lol.


    • Mr. Meyer, if I may Sir?

      1) You analogy comparing the horrors of combat to LOUD motorcycle thuggery is ridiculous and absurd. If you want to play that game consider this, in combat, the shelling, the impacting rounds, the NOISE was the inevitable consequence of battle between two enemy combatants.

      The LOUD Biker Cult[ure], if we continue with your analogy and follow it to its logical conclusion, is like the Nazi soldiers shooting the Jews lying in a pit…helpless and defenseless. What? Well consider this Mr. Meyer’s, the innocent public, especially our children and our elderly…those most negatively affected physiologically by the illegal decibel output of the Loud Biker Cult[ure], are “innocent” victims of these noise thugs. No one seems to intercede on their behalf, even though clearly defined, articulate, Federal – State – Local Laws exist relevant to noise emissions output by motorcycles.

      2) I have owned, operated, maintained, 31 motorcycles since age 12 and a DR600 Suzuki (back in the day) was LOUD, designed for heavy enduro/dirt racing/off road scenarios and under a completely different exhaust emissions limitation.

      3) Then you actually have the audacity to “go there,” the old lie of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] i.e. “Loud Pipes Save Lives.” I have written extensively relevant to this lie…which is nothing but an excuse for bad behavior…if interested, you can view the information at


      There are numerous other blogs I have written on this silly subject at WordPress.com and at my Website, Loud Motorcycles Suck – Facebook Community Page.

      4) The you attempt to defer the Nationwide plague of LOUD motorcycles by claiming that “in your opinion,” there are other, more important issues to deal with, why bother with intermittent noise? Let me as you Mr. Meyer, why do you think that the EPA requires motorcycles manufactured for use on a public roadway be equipped with a muffler restricted to 80 db(a) at a specified RPM? Why has the EPA allocated so much money, time, scientific research, testing and testing…over and over again…then concluding that 80 db(a) motorcycle exhaust emissions is the “minimum” level of protection for the general public? Why are there laws restricting motorcycle exhaust emissions to OEM-factory limitations? Why has the World Health Organization allocated so much money, time, research to the effects of traffic noise on human physiology?

      Mr. Meyer, the Loud Biker Cult[ure] is not an intermittent nuisance, they are an arrogant, belligerent, spoiled, entitled, group of middle-aged juveniles who care absolutely NOTHING about the health and welfare of the general public; they care absolutely NOTHING about my right to pursue happiness, to enjoy domestic tranquility, equal protection for my family and me…my neighbor…no, the Loud Biker Cult[ure] cares ONLY for their hedonistic, selfish ideology where “self” is the focal point of interest and that which is focal point of their selfish universe….me, myself and I.

      5) You’re pathetic and impotent defense of LOUD biker thuggery is a disgrace and cowardly at best. Get your priorities straight and stop straddling the fence…either you advocate and participate in loud biker thuggery or you don’t.

      Rick Holtsclaw,

      Loud Motorcycles Suck – Facebook Community Page – Exposing Loud Biker Thuggery because Loud Motorcycles Suck and they always will!!!


      • Hey, Rick, I watched the video you posted, entitled “Harley Davidson Fags.” I didn’t see a single rainbow flag in that video, nothing at all about gay pride or gay people at all, and (along with your “butt-hurt” comment in another post) can only conclude that you think using “fag” as an insult is a-okay. While overly loud motorcycles annoy me, they don’t annoy me as much as bothering to read someone’s obsessive campaign for considerate treatment, only to encounter his own ignorant, scummy, bigoted, dirtbag slur at the end. I’m sympathetic to people (like myself) who are disturbed by purposely noisy vehicles … but you’re awfully close to becoming an exception. Clean up your homophobic insulting garbage, and learn to be a good neighbor (and human being) yourself, Rick. Then maybe I’ll care about what else you have to say. You have undermined your campaign and shamed yourself — you are an embarrassment to the community.


      • FYI, that video was not, is not, mine…if you have a problem with your love for the “gay” community and are that sensitive about suggestive comments regarding the perversity of same…I suggest you contact the individual who originally uploaded the video.

        Rick Holtsclaw
        Loud Motorcycles Suck – Facebook Community Page


      • The use of the word “fag” to describe loud bikers originates from the Southpark video. The term “butt-hurt” was used by a biker in his comments as an insult to those who object to the loud bikes. Rickey did not disparage gay people.


  10. Anson- You wait almost 2 years to post something that lame? Really? You were in combat and the artillery didn’t kill you therefore the noise from illegally equipped Harleys that permeates our community isn’t bad? And as long as the illegal noise caused by illegal Harleys doesn’t kill you what do we have to complain about? And right, you hear one Harley for “less than a minute”. If there were one Harley out there shattering the peace very few people would be “butt-hurt”. But c’mon Anson, wake up. There are hundreds of illegal motorcycles cruising on highway 9 on any given day, Each on degrading the quality of life in one minute increments. And that makes it OK? Ridiculous. I too ride a thumper: a totally stock XR650. It’s totally quiet. I disturb no one for zero minutes. And what can you do about it you ask? Quit acting like hordes of clueless faux-barbarians shattering the peace everywhere they go is something other than pathological. It’s illegal. You can call your local PD or Sheriff and remind them that it is illegal in California to operate a motorcycle without a muffler and that they are sworn to uphold the law. Pretty simple.


  11. “butt-hurt”- that is one I never heard before. Maybe it’s what a long ride on a shaky, vibrating Harley does to the rump of an overweight rider.
    The poor folks that have to endure the f&%king noise from those damn things are “ear-hurt.”


    • There are various reasons a Loud Biker might be “butt hurt,” but I won’t discuss them on this forum…thanks for you input, Rick Holtsclaw, Loud Motorcycles Suck, Facebook community page


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