SLV Museum: Wee Widgets & Wonders, – add to the exhibit

The “Wee Widgets and Wonders” exhibit is currently up and will be open till October 20. There is a wide range of miniatures and toys on display including trains, doll houses, derby cars, and a large collection of erector sets. Several books on the subject are available for you to read as well.

The best part of the exhibit is in the school room where your child can build their own wonder out of Legos, Meccanos, wood trains, and other toys. Once they are done and happy with what they have created it can then become part of the exhibit, the museum will make a card with their name and the name of their creation, and then find the perfect place for it to be displayed. The first image below shows some items that have already been added.

You can also purchase tickets to enter the raffle, the prize is a ride-on Peg-Perego Santa Fe Express Train with a 7 foot oval track and a 6 volt rechargeable battery, see the last picture. Tickets are being sold at Boulder Creek Hardware, Sincerely Yours, Felton Feed, Felton Paint & Hardware, and the museum.

The museum is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12noon till 4pm. For more information see link below.

SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets01 SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets02 SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets05 SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets07

SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets08-1 SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets11 SLV - 2013-09 Wee Widgets13-1

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