Oliver’s Fund – Help Boulder Creek Elementary Student

Local resident and Boulder Creek Elementary kindergartner Oliver is fighting Leukemia.

Click HERE to help he and his family out..and donation helps.

From the page:

As many of you know 5 year old Oliver was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He’s anxious to get back to his kindergarten classmates at Boulder Creek Elementary but for now he is receiving treatment in Santa Clara. Parents and friends of his classmates are getting together to raise funds to support his family with the costs of treatment, travel costs to and from the hospital as his parents try to navigate work and caring for Oliver. We’d also like to raise funds to buy an iPad to be used so that Oliver can Skype with his classmates. Staying in touch with his friends will be an important part of his recovery. Please help if you can!

Click HERE to read an article with more detail at the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Oliver Callaway

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