Voter’s Guide 2014


The general election is Tuesday, November 4th and if you’re like me you’re trying to figure out how you will vote. Navigating all of the sites, and figuring it all out is crazy making. On top of that I can’t find a site that is easy to use that has all of our ballot information on it in one place. So I made us one, below is a list of the items on our ballot with links to websites for every candidate. I have also included ballot measure information, as well as for and against. There is also a list of websites that are following some of these items and what they think. I have tried to make it as evenly balanced and non partisan as possible. All the links below are meant to allow you to inform yourself on the issues and vote as you see best. The information is in the same order as the official ballot which many of you should have already received in the mail.


Jerry Brown (Democratic) currently in office

Neel Kashkari

Lieutenant Governor

Ron Nehring (Republican)

Gavin Newsom
(Democratic) currently in office

Secretary of State

Alex Padilla (Democratic) currently in office

Pete Peterson


Ashley Swearengin (Republican)

Betty T Yee


John Chiang (Democratic) currently the California State Controller

Greg Conlon

Attorney General

Kamala D Harris (Democratic) currently in office

Ronald Gold

Insurance Commissioner

Dave Jones (Democratic) currently in office

Ted Gaines

Member, State Board of Equalization 2nd District

Fiona Ma (Democratic)

James E. Theis

United States Representative 18th District

Richard B Fox (Republican)

Anna G. Eshoo
(Democratic) currently a member of Congress

Member of State Assembly 29th District

Mark Stone (Democratic) currently in office

Palmer Kain

Judicial (vote yes or no for each office)

For Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Goodwin Liu

Mariano-Florentino Cuéllaréllar

Kathryn Mickle Werdegar

For Associate Justice Court of Appeal, 6th District

Eugene Milton Premo

Adrienne M Grover

Patricia Bamattre-Manoukian

Miguel Marquez

Franklin D Elia

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson – currently in office

Marshall Tuck

San Lorenzo Valley Water District (vote for no more then 3)

Eric Hammer

Voter’s Pamphlet

Gene Elizabeth Ratcliffe

Voter’s Pamphlet

Larry Prather
– currently in office

Voter’s Pamphlet

Karen Brown

Voter’s Pamphlet

Chuck Baughman

Voter’s Pamphlet

Bob Fultz

Voter’s Pamphlet

SLV Water District information sites about the district and board SLVWD watchdogs
Grand Jury Report 6/2014

State Measures

1 – Water Bond. Funding for water quality, supply, treatment, and storage

Voter’s Pamphlet



2 – State Budget. Budget stabilization account. Legislative constitutional amendment.

Voter’s Pamphlet



45 – Healthcare insurance. Rate changes. Initiative statute.

Voter’s Pamphlet



46 – Drug and alcohol testing of doctors. Medical negligence lawsuits. Initiative statute.

Voter’s Pamphlet



47 – Criminal sentences. Misdemeanor penalties. Initiative statute.

Voter’s Pamphlet



48 – Indian gaming compacts. Referendum.

Voter’s Pamphlet




K – Cannabis Business Tax

Voter’s Pamphlet

Yes – no site found

No – no site found

Voter informative sites

Santa Cruz County Election Department

California Official Voter Information Guide PDFs for all the candidates statements and propositions

League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County

Easy Voter Guide California

Smart Voter

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