MISSING: Skyler Meakin – Update

skylar meakin

UPDATE: We just called the family number. Here is what we learned: “On Monday he was dropped off at his house in Ben Lomond. Usually he walks to the park in Ben Lomond, but they are not sure what he did on this past Monday. He never came home. He is 14 but looks young for his age. He’s lately been hanging out with the ‘wrong crowd’.”

Also – the number for the Sheriff on the poster is wrong. The number for local dispatch is: 471-1121

From the Sheriff’s office – he was last seen wearing a black baseball cap with “Metal Military” written on it, a blue Santa Cruz sweatshirt, blue jeans and black Vans with Red Shoe Laces.

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  1. I just saw this on Facebook. My daughter knows Skyler Meakin. Says he is not likely to have been hanging out outside of Ben Lomond, and she thinks “Jason Huffman” would be worth investigating. He’s an older guy that Skyler has been hanging out with/getting into trouble with. 😦


  2. Skyler was brought home last night, the responses from everyone last night were awesome and eventually led us to him. He is safe. I want to thank everyone for all their help. It feels so good to know that our community still pulls together in times like this. Thank you again.

    Skylers dad,


  3. A high school friend shared this poster on Facebook and I was so happy to learn of this child’s safe return. Unfortunately, many of these cases don’t end with such a happy ending and as a law enforcement officer I have seen way too many of those. I teach Crimes against Children Investigations to officers across Texas. When I saw this poster online, I immediately noticed it was not a NCMEC poster.

    NCMEC (National Center of Missing and Exploited Children) provides assistance to not only LE agencies, but to families of missing children as well. I encourage anyone going through a situation like this to visit to their website(http://www.missingkids.com/MissingChild) particularly the section “What to do if your child goes missing”.

    It sounds like the Sheriffs Department did a great job working this case, and I’m always pleased to see a community that steps in to help a family when they are in need.


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