Throw Back Thursday – Bruce McPherson… where are you?

Below is a Q&A our current supervisor Bruce McPherson completed during his campaign. Dated October, 12, 2012.

We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of his key statements. As crime increases in Boulder Creek making it a less hospitable town for commerce, tourists and families, we gotta wonder……  Bruce… where are you man?


October 12, 2012….

Why do you want to be Supervisor?
Simply put, I believe that public service is what many of us should
aspire to.  Our democracy, and our governments won’t work unless we,
as citizens get and remain involved in serving our community and
working to make our democracy more vibrant, sustaining and
representative.  My family has been here since the 1840s, and we have
both served the community, and helped build it.  I want to continue
helping my neighbors, and serving my community because I am fulfilled
by the experience, I believe I can do a good job, and I enjoy working
with people and finding new solutions and ways to make our lives and
communities better.  This will be a full-time job for me.  I’m
dedicated to the 5th District and to Santa Cruz County.

How will you help Boulder Creek?
I will continue to “deliver”, just as I had when I was elected to be
your Assemblyman and State Senator.  I know that the San Lorenzo
Valley and Boulder Creek haven’t received adequate funding and other
resources from the County for years;  We have clear needs to better
serve those who live in Boulder Creek;  better roads and road
maintenance, ensuring that our watershed and river water remain
healthy, working Valley-wide to find solutions to our air-quality
standards, and building a bigger, and better ‘eco-tourism’ local
economy based on our environment, parks and rural attractions.   I
have found ‘new’ state money to help ourl fire departments, I have
fought for bond funds to improve our local parks. I have been a leader
in class-size reductions and changing local bond elections that
allowed passage of the SLV school bond that funded the new library and
performing arts building.

What are the obstacles facing Boulder Creek and how will you address them?
There are a series of obstacles, some of which are physical and
geological.  In an interesting turn, those obstacles are also some of
our most significant strengths, so we need to continue to enhance our
image, enhance our natural resources and carefully adhere to our
slow-growth and stringent environmental regulations so we preserve our
strengths.  Resources, as in “money” is the other obsticale, and that
challenge is getting worse, not better during this economic downtourn.
Community participation, volunteerism and synergy and cooperation can
help, but – “we” need the money that previously flowed into other
parts of Santa Cruz County to improve our downtown, increase sheriff
and public safety programs, improve our local parks, schools and begin
planning to implement those elements of the Boulder Creek Town Plan
that are achievable in the short run.

Why do you think you are the best person for this appointment?
The “County” as a government entity is both an official extension of
the State, and it is our “local government” for unincorporated areas.
I have been elected to represent the SLV and Boulder Creek four times,
and I believe I know Boulder Creek and the issues that we need to work
together on, and I believe I have served the area well.  However, we
face a series of new challenges, as the state continues to reduce
spending on local issues while at the same time, it is shifting more
and more ‘state’ responsibilities to the local communities (Counties).
So, I believe the fair question is;  Who would you want to represent
you now?  An individual who has had decades of experience representing
this local community, and working at the State level – with that
knowledge and experience, or someone who is less qualified?  Our
county resources can easily be re-directed to doing the business of
the State, and that shift will make it even more difficult to do the
good things we need to do locally.  Or, our Supervisor can fight for
our “fair share”, and can fight to keep the State from shifting more
and more resources away from our local needs and local agenda.  I am
that person – the one with the experience and knowledge and clear
vision to “fight” for our fair share.

I have delivered for the 5th District throughout my career, and I want
to work for you again.

Bruce McPherson


3 responses

  1. JD, thank you for posting. Campaign promises are so easy to make, aren’t they. And when people hear what they want to hear, the politician gets their vote. Maybe it’s time for those of us who live and love Boulder Creek to create scorecards for each of our elected public servants. Then when election time rolls around, voters will have real data when casting their ballot. I’m relatively new in town and would love to help towards this end -if you have any thoughts please share.
    Cynthia – Ridge


  2. Mcpherson set a county record for supervisor campaign fundraising, something like $173,000 or more, wasn’t it? I understand much or most of it came from sources outside the county — think about why. I wonder how that amount compares to funds he has raised for the Valley. I am not sure what he has actually accomplished, besides voting along pro-development lines on the board and implying that he had something to do with things set into motion and done by others before his election. For example, shortly after taking office, he implied he had a big hand in getting the Metro busses running to Big Basin in the summer again, when the credit should go to the community members of the Campaign for Reasonable Transportation and their efforts. How much did it cost to send at least two or three Metro bus loads of politicians, Metro officials, and press out to Big Basin for the speech and photo op scene in the park, and how did that media circus benefit the taxpayers? I am sure the bus to the park is good for the county and the Valley, but as for the media junket, I would have rather seen that money go to Metro’s Paratransit, a vital service for the disabled people in our county that is raising fares — same for the 17 Express Bus, which is necessary for many people commuting to work or school.

    While I have seen our supervisor take credit for things I value, they haven’t seemed to be things he actually accomplished, but rather he just talked about them in a speech or press release. Supposedly, he has many things in motion, some of which I approve of, but I am having a hard time seeing anything actually accomplished other than town meetings that haven’t led to any visible change. It’s to the point now that if I were to hear he actually did something I liked, I would assume he was puffing his involvement again.

    If he was really a man of the Valley people, he or at least his hard-working staff would be regular followers of the Insider, would be aware of this discussion, and would have posted a comment, or even offered to do a guest article. But he’s probably at a luncheon preparing to give another speech.

    Maybe he is doing us some good, and we just can’t tell. Maybe he can explain that without the puffery, and convince us of it, because if he is actually accomplishing something useful, he is doing a really poor job of explaining it.


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