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  1. Thank you so much for putting these videos up for us all to remember Bobby. Robert Carskaddon, shortened to Bobby Carr as he retired from many years as a paramedic and fireman. His tender heart couldn’t take all the Death he saw so he quit and went music full-time. Robert carskaddon from the Highlander Scott Tribe of Scotland, second tallest only to the Watusi tribe of Africa. He was very proud of his Scottish roots. He loved, loved, loved music. Santa Cruz County will miss him. Claudia


  2. Whenever we ‘d visit our family in BC(from Va), we would go to the Rainbow for coffee & a donut! after a few visits with requests to Bobby , he’d start playing John Denver songs when we walked in the door !


  3. Bobby made us all feel so good. We would be out in Brookdale Lodge and there was Bobby and he was there for years. He will be so missed


  4. good luck in the next session bobby, we had fun there on the avenue, it would have been great to tour in 1996 ?THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROFESSIONALISM. see you on the next plane. it was a gas. patrick lancelin ( sapiscnn )


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