Reader Comment: Vince Rutherford

Below is a comment from a Boulder Creek Insider Reader. If anyone has info, please comment below or email us.


2 weeks ago an 89 year old resident was hit and killed in front of the drug store when he crossed the street, in broad daylight, in the crosswalk! No story in the paper. After 3 attempts I finally got the Sentinel to do a story, 2 weeks later, but KSBW told me they just can’t get clear up here for news…we are too far away!

Vince Rutherford died and the man who was speeding through town in his big fancy car has not been charged, nor arrested!! This is an outrage! If anyone saw this accident on Feb 7 at about 12:45pm please call the CHP. They say the “investigation will take a few weeks. His widow watched it happen and is suffering so much, but the man is out free. Please call our supervisor, the CHP and whomever else we can get to do something about this horrible accident.

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