IN MEMORIAM: Robert “Bob” Fishback

Below is a memorial written by longtime Boulder Creek resident Robert “Bob” Fishback’s nephew. Bob passed away in July of this year.


When I was about 12 years old my father and I went to visit Grandpa Bill and he never showed up. I was upset but the weekend wasn’t a total loss, not by a long shot.  Luckily Uncle Bob lived only a short distance from him. So that afternoon my Dad dropped me off with Bob at the house where he was renting a room in Northern California in the mountains. I’ll never forget that house because it was HUGE, full of weird stuff and best of all it was like I was taken back in time to the late 60’s early 70’s. It was a red, typical Cali-style playboy mansion retro house on a bunch of property. That week end Uncle Bob and I had a blast.

Uncle Bob wanted to change the oil on his bike so we took a ride to the auto parts store and bought oil. Continue reading

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