Q&A – Eric Hammer



Why do you want to be Supervisor?
As a lifelong resident of this area, I understand the unique needs of this community. I serve on the Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District Board, the Board of Community Bridges, the Steering Committee for the Redwood Mountain Faire, and as President of the Boulder Creek Business Association. I serve my community with passion and integrity, and I am excited by the opportunity to continue to serve my community on the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.

What are the obstacles facing Boulder Creek and how will you help?
I will continue to be an advocate for Boulder Creek and the residents of this area.

I am committed to protecting our environmental resources.  As Supervisor, I will prioritize moving our county toward more renewable resources and safeguarding the riparian corridors throughout the San Lorenzo River Watershed including Boulder Creek and Bear Creek, I understand the importance of protecting our fragile local environment and how critical my role will be in bringing various environmental stakeholders together to accomplish our goals.

I will also work to improve County services. I would like to see the permitting process become a more positive one so that residents can renovate their homes and small businesses in Boulder Creek can renovate their buildings.  With a smoother building department we can upgrade the old buildings and work toward historic preservation and town beautification.  This will in turn provide jobs, encourage businesses to come to Boulder Creek and stimulate economic development in this area. Projects such as restoring the Brookdale Lodge is a perfect example of a historic treasure that once renovated, will stimulate our economy and bring jobs to the area.

I will also work to make sure that our rural areas get our share of money for critical services such as public safety dollars, infrastructure, roadways and access to public transportation. Though economic times are tough, maintaining our local roads and improving public transportation are critical needs in the Fifth District. And we need to make sure that we have adequate funding to support our volunteer fire department so that they can continue to provide such excellent service to such a huge district.

I believe that to maintain a healthy community, we need to strengthen resources for our residents and families. We need to protect funding for community programs and alternatives to cutting our local libraries and parks.  With the grant process and renovation of Garrahan Park in Boulder Creek, and with raising my own family in this community, I understand how important parks, recreation and local libraries are to a healthy, vibrant community. Our Boulder Creek branch library needs expended hours and staffing.  I also support projects such as the Miller property project to attain more acres for outdoor recreational and educational experiences here in the San Lorenzo Valley.
Why do you think you are the best person for this appointment?
I believe that our community needs someone who can understand and relate to the unique issues of this area. I was raised here, I am raising my own family here, and I understand the day to day struggles of our residents and families. I have enjoyed rolling up my sleeves and working hard to get things done, and I look forward to what we can accomplish together when elected to the Board of Supervisors

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