Boulder Creek Rec and Park Wins Statewide Award

Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District won the award for Outstanding Small District in the state by the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts (CARPD). This is a huge honor – Congrats to the Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District. “The Junction” is looking great and we’ve definitely noticed a change for the better there. Now families and kids enjoy the area instead of drinkers and tweakers! (well most of em have moved down to the dam).

The Boulder Creek Rec Hall also offers an impressive amount of great programs.

Click here to view children’s programs

And here for adult programs

Some of the District’s outstanding accomplishments for 2009:

* Remodeled one facility and upgraded two parks
* Introduced 11 new special family events
* Dramatically increased facility usage, by at least 3 times

* Created a positive work environment for staff and instructors

*Made the parks safe and secure

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