Healthy and Creative Cooking With Children

Summers End Berries Bowl

BlackBerry Boulder Creek

-Oranges or Grapefruit
-Berries of choice (Oallie, Blackberry, Marion Berry, Raspberry)
-Plain Yogurt or vanilla ice cream
-Granola, Raisins or Trail Mix or several healthy toppings
-Mint leaf, if available from the garden (optional)
-Edible Flower may be used in place of Mint.

-Spoon or knife to be used by parent
-Ice Cream Scoop or large table spoon

-Wash all fruit in a collander to assure bugs or dirt is removed
-Cut an orange or grapefruit in half.
-Assist your child in scooping out the fruit of the orange or grapefruit.
-In a bowl, break up the segments of the citrus and mix together with a small amount of berries.

Have the child/children fill the hollowed fruit shell with about 1/4 cup of yogurt or ice cream.

-Top the yogurt with the fruit from the bowl and then allow your child/children to choose a topping to crumble or sprinkle on top of the mixture.
-Spoon, one more bit of yogurt or ice cream on top and add the mint leaf or edible flower for garnish. (optional)
-Serve or eat.


(To make this activity more fun, take your child/children on a walk or just go to the back yard and collect the berries with them, in a collander.)

Thanks to Jennifer Haworth for this contribution!

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