Holiday Wreaths From Your Back Yard and Kitchen

Get a jump on your gifts or holiday ornaments, with a few easy and inexpensive steps, from my kitchen and yard, to yours!

Holiday Wreaths – for additional wreath ideas visit CaliWildViolet’s Activities for Family and Children

IMG_3107 Lichen, half cones, shells, feathers, seed pods on Bakers Clay Base two

Using a simple recipe of Baker’s Clay and found objects, you can create beautiful ornaments and gifts for the holiday.

Having very little income has motivated me to look at my own yard for all the items I need to create, as well as my own kitchen.

Baker’s Clay


4 Cups Flour

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Healthy and Creative Cooking With Children

Summers End Berries Bowl

BlackBerry Boulder Creek

-Oranges or Grapefruit
-Berries of choice (Oallie, Blackberry, Marion Berry, Raspberry)
-Plain Yogurt or vanilla ice cream
-Granola, Raisins or Trail Mix or several healthy toppings
-Mint leaf, if available from the garden (optional)
-Edible Flower may be used in place of Mint.

-Spoon or knife to be used by parent
-Ice Cream Scoop or large table spoon
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Children’s Activities – Peanut Butter and Seed Pine Cones

Peanut Butter and Seed Pine Cones:
This is a simple activity, which involves few materials and the joy of watching birds and squirrels enjoy their treat.

-Medium to large size pine cones
-Approximately 2′ of strong string or twine
-Peanut Butter
-Bird Seed
-Large Bowl or Tray
-Large Spatula

-Attach the string around the cone securely by tying it, with a long lead to hang from a tree limb or some other type of apparatus.
-Pour the seed out onto a tray or into a large bowl.
-Using a spatula, spread the peanut butter all around the cone. You can cover it almost completely or just spread the peanut butter on the bottom.
-Roll the pine cone in the seed, covering and mashing the seed into the peanut butter.
-Create a slip knot on one end of the cone and hang it from a tree branch.

Birds will hang onto it and munch away.

Peanut Butter Pine Cone

Thanks to Jennifer Haworth for this contribution!

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