Boulder Creek Resident Running for Office

Bob Tosto, a long time Boulder Creek resident is running for a seat on the Cabrillo Board of Trustees District. This is a non-paying volunteer position. In his own workds, Bob is running “for the sense of achievement, the honor and the satisfaction of serving one’s fellow citizens in a great public enterprise.”

Bob has a long history in politics and helping people. Past positions held by Bob include President of the North County Democratic Club. We hope that you will consider voting for Bob in the elections which will be on November 2nd.

To read a statement from Bob and for info on donating to his campaign, click below.

Robert “Bob” Tosto lives in Boulder Creek and he is running for the Cabrillo Board of Trustees District 1 seat in the general election on November 2, 2010.  He is not running for this non-paying, volunteer post because he is a complacent happy elitist who “politically correctly” makes sounds of sympathy for the approximately 20% of unemployed and underemployed Californians.  He is running because he understands how this deep recession can affect one’s health and family.

Bob is dedicated to lifelong learning. It took him many years to complete his undergraduate and law degrees, but he always persevered.  In fact, he received his law degree in 2004, with a 25 year intermittent span from beginning to end. In spite of financial setbacks, he never gave up on his dreams. This is the reason that Bob is running for this open seat.  He would be the ideal trustee who truly values education and can see issues from multiple perspectives. Bob believes that people need to be understood in a compassionate and fundamental way.  They do not need more of the condescension that oftentimes permeates public service.

Bob Tosto has served his San Lorenzo Valley community well for the last 18 years.  He was a member of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee from 1992 to 1996.  He was president of the North County Democratic Club from 1993 to 1996.  Since 1999, Bob has been president of a homeowners’ association where he has experienced the devastating effects of the current recession.  He has become knowledgeable about foreclosures, mortgages, mortgage modification and other pertinent financial issues and how they can impact families and their ability to fund education.  Although his public service goes back many years in many roles, and in different locales, Bob wants to focus mainly on his service in the San Lorenzo Valley.  He wants you to know that the Cabrillo post is non-paying and strictly volunteer.  Consequently, one serves for the sense of achievement, the honor and the satisfaction of serving one’s fellow citizens in a great public enterprise

Therefore, it is with humility and a deep sense of the honor of public service that he asks for your support and vote on November 2, 2010.  TA 1 is San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley and you can vote in those precincts.

Bob needs financial donations to conduct this campaign.  You can address the checks to and send them to  the following:

Tosto for Cabrillo Board
P.O. Box 103
Brookdale, CA  95007

If you send $100 or more to the campaign , it is necessary that you state your occupation, and address.  You can contact the campaign by writing to

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  1. Another person running for another office is: Boulder Creeks own JOHN WIRTH is running for Director of the Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District. Vote for John. It is time for a change with the B.C. Rec Center board of directors. It is time for the board to embrace a new face, a person with new ideas, a person who is upfront and most importantly, a director who works for and listens to the whole community, not just a chosen few. Vote for John Wirth. Thank you!


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