Artist Spotlight #7 – Jazzamanders

In preparation for the upcoming Boulder Creek Bluegrass and Old Time Festival, we will be featuring interviews with the performing bands. The Festival will be held March 9 and 10 at Scopazzi’s.

1.How do you describe your music or . . .  what style of music do you play?
A wide variety, acoustic

2.Who is in the band?
Barry Tanner, George Galt, Andy Robbins and Joy Rush. All from Boulder Creek

3.When and where are you playing at the Boulder Creek Bluegrass Festival?
7:00 Friday at Scopazzi’s

4.Who are you influences?
Sir Francis Drake, Bill Walsh, (Maybe some Django too)

5.Is there a website people can visit to hear your music?
Look for the Jazzamanders on youtube

6.Name one of your crowd-favorite tunes (please):
We’ll know on Friday.

7.Anything else you’d like to say to the fine people of Boulder Creek?
After many years of doing sound for this festival,I’m stoked to play! Hope to see all my BC and Bluegrass friends there. Friday night will be a great night of music!

(note – this is not an actual picture of Jazzamanders)



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