Boulder Creek Music Lives

Below is a note from Boulder Creek Music owners Ray Newkirk & Barry Tanner. If you have any instruments or music gear you’d like to sell, please bring them by the store. They’ve hit a big bump in the road, but are doing thier best to keep the shop open.

BOULDER CREEK MUSIC LIVES! 2-15-13 – By Ray Newkirk & Barry Tanner

Before too many rumors are spread lets quickly shed a little light on the life and death of Michael Aron (<not a typo) Smith and the status of Boulder Creek Music.

Yes, there was a Uhaul truck taking instruments from Boulder Creek Music on Tuesday & Wednesday, 2/12 & 2/13/13.  First, we are not closing our doors.

As most of you know, BC Music opened it’s doors 11/17/12. It was the dream of Michael Smith and Barry Tanner. Ray Newkirk jumped in as one of Santa’s elves because it seemed like a good idea.

Mike ran the Musician’s Trading Post on Ocean St about 25 years ago then got married , moved to Seattle, opened the Trading Musician, got divorced, opened Georgetown Music, ran that for 6 years then decided to move back to Boulder Creek, where his son, Marshall, had been born in 1989.

boulder creek music

Since then, Mike took his own life at the end of a rope in Seattle (some call it suicide capital of the U.S.), presumably due to heavy financial woes, right after selling Georgetown Music to his ex-wife. As most of the equipment in BC Music came from Georgetown Music, much of it went back there because Marshall is rightful heir to Mike’s estate.

Now, BC Music is a solely owned local business with no ties to Seattle or anywhere else. Though our cupboards are a bit bare at the moment, everything in them belongs to BC Music or the wonderful people of our community who are stocking our shelves with consignment gear.

This is the ultimate community based business. We’ve been told over and over that Boulder Creek is thrilled to have a music store, though people are worried that BC won’t be able to bring it enough business to survive.  That’s ultimately up to you but great support is being shown by some people bringing in consignments and others purchasing this gear from their neighbors. Kind of a ‘Musical Exchange’.

We already have the best selection of high value violins around and our stock on other instruments is becoming better and more diverse every day. Please continue to bring us your guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, ukes, flutes, clarinets, saxes, amps, etc. and BC Music will be here for you for many years to come.


Boulder Creek Music
13101 Hwy 9,
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

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