BREAKING: Fire caused by discarded cigarette

The Boulder Creek Fire Protection District’s Kevin McClish has issued a statement regarding this morning’s fire at the Coldwell Banker office in downtown Boulder Creek. From his note:


This mornings fire at the Coldwell Banker building was caused by a discarded cigarette, in the alley under the stairs, between Coldwell Banker and the Oddfellows building. There is evidence in the area of people drinking, smoking, and possible sleeping in that area. . . .   If this fire had occurred at 3 am we would have lost several buildings.


Authorities have a pretty good idea who started the fire.  All local business owners are being encouraged to check the exterior of their buildings for evidence of people smoking, drinking or sleeping on their properties, and if  they have issues with this to notify the Sheriffs office.

A big thanks to Doug Conrad, Mark Kinder and Jim Walters who aggressively attacked the fire until the fire department arrived.

coldwell fire


8 responses

  1. Just a comment — I have asked the Sheriff’s Office to do drive-bys near that area when there have been problems with loiterers in the past. The Sheriff’s Office did so, the deputies they sent were very responsive on the few occasions that people refused to stop loitering, and everything worked out very well. I commend the Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism and response.


  2. How ironic. Karma is working here. The very banks that are responsible for putting people out in the streets are not immune to karmic nature. Our government is too weak to admit they created monsters by accepting bribes by the bankers to pass laws to make these banks untouchable for their greedy and unethical practices of stealing from the “common” man. It’s only going to get worse, look at Cyprus.The greed and sense of entitlement the rich bankers have will make them steal from each and every hard working citizen as long as they can get away with it. Jail the bankers! Save your country!


  3. Yes! Kudos to all the folks who helped deal with This when it was first discovered until the Bcfd got a hose on it and put it out! I love our little town!


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