4th of July and Lumber Jack Days… Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day in Boulder Creek. In the morning we’ll have our amazing parade and the firehouse’s pancake breakfast. After that… the games will begin. In the back lot right behind Boulder Creek Hardware.


Here are a couple of videos to get things going….





MISSING PERSON – Jeannette Stevenson, Boulder Creek Resident

UPDATE: A reader has commented that Jeanette has been seen recently. We spoke with the Sheriff and they stated that she may be at risk and if she is seen to please call the dispatch at: (831) 471-1121

On the afternoon of October 25th 2014, 53 year old Boulder Creek resident, Jeannette Stevenson was last seen boarding a Santa Cruz Metro bus and reported missing by a friend. Stevenson has medical issues that place her at risk if not treated.

Stevenson was last seen wearing a black jacket, gray sweatpants and black “Ugg” boots. She has been known to stay at local hotels throughout Santa Cruz.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages residents to be on the lookout for Stevenson and immediately call sheriff’s dispatch at (831) 471-1121 if she is seen or if they have any additional information regarding her whereabouts.

missing person

BREAKING: Fire caused by discarded cigarette

The Boulder Creek Fire Protection District’s Kevin McClish has issued a statement regarding this morning’s fire at the Coldwell Banker office in downtown Boulder Creek. From his note:


This mornings fire at the Coldwell Banker building was caused by a discarded cigarette, in the alley under the stairs, between Coldwell Banker and the Oddfellows building. There is evidence in the area of people drinking, smoking, and possible sleeping in that area. . . .   If this fire had occurred at 3 am we would have lost several buildings.


Authorities have a pretty good idea who started the fire.  All local business owners are being encouraged to check the exterior of their buildings for evidence of people smoking, drinking or sleeping on their properties, and if  they have issues with this to notify the Sheriffs office.

A big thanks to Doug Conrad, Mark Kinder and Jim Walters who aggressively attacked the fire until the fire department arrived.

coldwell fire


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