FUNDRAISER Tonight: Boulder Creek Brewery

Tonight starting at 6:30 p.m. there will be a fundraiser for the employees of the Boulder Creek Brewery –  happening at Joe’s Bar. Please come down to Joe’s, listen to some great live music from Heathen Hill and others and support our good town folks who are suddenly without employment.



photo credit: Jeff Hill

BREAKING: Fire caused by discarded cigarette

The Boulder Creek Fire Protection District’s Kevin McClish has issued a statement regarding this morning’s fire at the Coldwell Banker office in downtown Boulder Creek. From his note:


This mornings fire at the Coldwell Banker building was caused by a discarded cigarette, in the alley under the stairs, between Coldwell Banker and the Oddfellows building. There is evidence in the area of people drinking, smoking, and possible sleeping in that area. . . .   If this fire had occurred at 3 am we would have lost several buildings.


Authorities have a pretty good idea who started the fire.  All local business owners are being encouraged to check the exterior of their buildings for evidence of people smoking, drinking or sleeping on their properties, and if  they have issues with this to notify the Sheriffs office.

A big thanks to Doug Conrad, Mark Kinder and Jim Walters who aggressively attacked the fire until the fire department arrived.

coldwell fire


Fire Bug and Phone Pranker gets Arrested . . .

Don’t make Larry Bourdeau mad or.. He’ll try to burn your house down!

Larry was arrested this week for making 7 prank phone calls to 911. He dialed 911 from every pay phone in Boulder Creek and then left the phone off of the hook. He was later booked for trying to set fire to the Mountain Store. It sounds like two “hero” teenagers put the fire out at the Mountain Store.

Click HERE to read more details from the Santa Cruz Sentinel…



Fire in Bonny Doon

BonnyDoon Fire

There’s a huge fire raging just up the mountain in Bonny Doon that began near Lockheed. So far over 2,3000 acres have burned and 2,200 people are being asked to evacuate. The smoke is visible for miles in all directions and is casting a orange light across Boulder Creek.

For more developing information visit the Bonny Doon Fire Website HERE

Photojournalist Shmuel Thaler at The Santa Cruz Sentinel has covered the scene. Click HERE for a detailed slideshow

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