Downtown Cell Tower still PENDING !

Email below was received on Monday, July 29 from Bruce McPherson’s office.

I’m responding on behalf Supervisor McPherson, who is out of the office. I’m also responding because I was mistaken in saying that Verizon had withdrawn their application. My information was based on Chris Currier, who said he was withdrawing the application. Wishful thinking prevailed and I misstated the situation. Verizon has taken the position that Chris is in a contractual arrangement and cannot withdraw. Today, I talked to Frank Barron, Chris Currier and the agent working on behalf of Verizon. They all confirmed that Verizon is looking for alternative sites. If they can find a decent alternative, they expect to withdraw the application for the Currier site. At this time, however, the application is still active and the hearing is still scheduled for Aug. 23 before Zoning Administrator. ( That hearing very likely will be pushed to a later date because Verizon likely will not have the information requested by the ZA.)

I apologize again for my part in furthering the wrong information.

Robin Musitelli
County Supervisor’s Analyst
Fifth District Supervisor Bruce McPherson


At the last meeting Friday, July 19 at 9am, 26 people spoke all of whom were opposed to the cell tower. The planning department received 43 emails in regards to this application 33 were against and 10 were for.

Those who are opposed to the cell tower now have a Facebook page. Feel free to visit and see what they are saying.


One response

  1. I am very much opposed to the cell tower as many of you may know. But I am not against the Currier’s they have been a core part of this town for over 40 years, giving money to many groups in our town as well as sponsoring little league teams and so on. I don’t appreciate Verizon doing what they are doing and now forcing this cell tower on us even though the Currier’s want out angers me greatly.

    Chris Currier if you are read this I came to your shop to thank you in person for changing your mind and I still very much mean that. Thank you for changing your mind on the cell tower and I would love to help you in any way that I can.

    Rachel Wooster


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