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  1. I hate to be the scrooge, but I need to bring up a fact about these local car washes. All the soap, oil and grease, and metals that you are washing off of your cars go straight to the local creek/San Lorenzo River via storm drains. If there was a way to collect the washwater and dispose of it properly, I would support these car washes. A few such methods include collecting the washwater using a sump and a pump, then pumping it through a septic system which would separate out the metals and solids prior to it entering our environment.

    Another such method is using a sump and a pump to collect the wash water, letting it settle out the solids and floating matter, then discharge the clean water to a landscaped hill high above the creek. The soils can filter out a lot of the nasty stuff. When we have these right in town, the nasty water runs over the concrete directly to the river!! You then go down and swim in it or let your kids swim in it? We need to figure a better way, and I have mentioned a few.

    I would be happy to discuss this with anyone willing to listen, it breaks my heart every time I see the kids doing this; they should understand that it is directly contributing to pollution of our local waterways. There are solutions if we educate and act accordingly.


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